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About us


We run small sized tutoring classes for Year 1 to Year 12

Adopted by top institutions such as Oxford University and Cambridge, the small class model is a proven method to make classes more interactive and collaborative. Our weekly classes promote discussions in class, where students can work together with their peers to solve difficult problems while maximising the attention they receive from tutors.

Small classes help by:

Giving students more opportunities to receive one-to-one feedback from tutors
Allowing tutors to give detailed feedback and plan lessons based on student progress
Providing consistent tests and exam-style assessments throughout the year
Letting tutors give individual attention to each student
Encouraging students to discuss topics and work together with the tutor and classmates


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We run small sized tutoring classes for Year 1 to Year 12.

Students attend weekly tutoring classes, held in small groups at Step Ahead Coaching premises. We cater for all levels; from those who require intensive support to succeed at school, to those who wish to excel their academic position and be a step ahead of their peers.

Our tutors explain things clearly – even the hard stuff.



Primary School (Maths & English)

High School Maths

High School English

High School Science

HSC Physics, Chemistry, & Biology

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Teaching methods

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Our Teachers

Meet some of the members of our esteemed didactic team

Usman Khan

High School Maths Tutor

Usman Khan has been an asset to his students and has been an integral part of Step Ahead Coaching since 2005.

He has ten years of experience in teaching Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Having graduated from Amity College with a Dux Award, he went on to complete a Bachelors degree in Medical Science at the University of NSW and Masters degree at Deakin University.

A dynamic and enthusiastic tutor, Usman is known to engage and challenge his students to achieve their best.

Waseem Khan

High School Maths Tutor

Waseem Khan is a committed and passionate Maths teacher who strives at ensuring his students achieve the best results they aspire for.

Having completed a Bachelors degree at the University of NSW and Masters degree at CSU, Waseem works hard to see his students achieve their goals.

Waseem is a dedicated tutor known for bringing out the best in his students.

Pranjal More

High School Maths, Chemistry & Physics Tutor

Better known to his students as Praj, Pranjal More’s background in psychology is an invaluable component in devising strategies for students to improve.

Aside from tutoring high school science and up to 3 unit Mathematics (HSC), Praj conducts regular personal development and study skills workshops for students.

Praj’s background in both Education and Psychology ensure he is well equipped to improve the quality of your academic pursuit by providing pragmatic steps to materialising your goals.

Nida Guner

High School English Tutor

An enthusiastic teacher with a passion for English and reading, Nida engages with and challenges her students to reach their full potential.

Her friendly nature allows her to relate to each of her students individually as she strives to place extra emphasis on the areas they need to improve.

With a background in English and Psychology, Nida endeavours to create a high-quality learning environment for a diverse range of students.

Student Stories

Don’t take our word for it, listen to some of our students
Anna: “I have never thought I’d ever like it in college. I loved it!”
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Happy group of college studentsHappy group of college students
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