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At Growth Academy, every time we do an assessment of students who want to enroll at our tutoring center, we are always asked the same question by parents and students alike: “Why is Math so difficult/challenging?” Even in class, our best Math tutors are asked this question by kids and teens who are primed to expect more frustration during our tutoring session, not knowing that our tutors are more than ready to meet the challenge of teaching the subject.

Why is Math challenging? Let us give you the reasons why.


Math is a Cumulative Discipline

Like with most subjects that you learn in school, Math is a cumulative discipline. This means that you build knowledge like you would build a Lego toy castle – one brick at a time. You need to have mastered basic concepts in order to understand the higher levels that follow.

The problem is most school syllabuses do not allow full mastery of these basics. Because of the tight schedule that requires covering several topics in a year, teachers rush through the syllabus in order to meet the timetable. As a result, they don’t have the time to give much needed attention to students who are having difficulties in certain topics. A good example is the multiplication table. Many students who come to us have not yet mastered the multiplication tables, so not only are they having problems with this basic operation, but with division as well.

A Passing Grade Mindset

Arguably, a passing grade mindset – or “getting a C is okay” – can also be blamed on school teachers. Since they are not able to establish a solid Math foundation in their students because of their hurry to cover the syllabus, teachers adjust their grading systems lower in order for these teens to pass. They also don’t want to see these kids repeating the same grade over this Math subject alone.

For this reason, students have developed the mindset that a passing grade in Math is enough for them. What they don’t know is that getting higher grades in the subject, as well as scores in the HSC exams, can assure them of a better ATAR ranking so that they can get into their choice course in college.

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What Growth Academy Can Do For Your Kids

Our best Math tutors are more than ready to deal with these two key issues that make Math a difficult subject.

If your child has major weaknesses in their basic Maths, our tutors can proceed to do a thorough review in order to strengthen their Math foundation. In our earlier example of the multiplication table, our tutors have simpler techniques that will enable your child to memorise these tables much faster and in a way that the numbers will stick inside their heads.

Our Math tutor’s greatest strength is that they can explain concepts in simpler terms, making even the hard stuff easier to understand. Your child or teen may not get a concept now. Rest assured the tutor will not advance to the next topic until he/she has fully grasped the lesson.

And here’s another plus. Our tutors just LOVE Math! Because of their passion for the subject, many students have become inspired to learn Maths and master the concepts. This newfound love for the subject enabled them to score better at the HSC exams and receive higher ATAR rankings.

Get to know the best Math tutors at Growth Academy by booking an assessment with us today! 

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