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When a parent considers hiring a Maths tutor or acquiring the services of a tutoring center, the first thing that comes to their mind is that the tutor should have the best credentials and teaching experience. Unfortunately, a tutor’s skills cannot be assessed by just reading their CVs. They should also possess the right skills and be able to demonstrate them in an actual tutoring session.

Growth Academy – one of the best Maths tutoring Sydney centers – enumerates the skills an ideal Maths tutor should possess.

BEST MATHS TUTORING SYDNEY – The Skills of the Best Math Tutors

Strong Maths Knowledge

At Growth Academy, we assess the Maths knowledge of every tutor we hire. It is not enough for us that they have the knowledge for a certain Maths grade level (Ex. Grade 1 Maths, Grade 2 Maths, etc.). They should have the expertise to teach Maths at all levels and in multiple subjects, starting with Basic Mathematics, to Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, to Calculus. From our experience, once a child has fully mastered the concepts of a Grade level, they want to move on to concepts in the next level. For this reason, just as our tutors adjust themselves when the student is struggling, they should also be able to adapt to their demands for higher learning.

Good Time Management Skills

At our best Maths tutoring Sydney center, time is valuable. Using their time management skills, our tutors come up with study plans that cover specific topics within a certain period of time. This time period is estimated upon how much the child is struggling with the topic and the speed by which he/she grasps concepts during the first lesson. This way, no time is wasted. In addition, our study plans also incorporate reviews in the form of problem-solving exercises, so that our students will not forget concepts learned during previous lessons.

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Good Communication Skills

What good is a Maths tutor if he/she quotes concepts and presents equation solutions directly from a textbook? Our tutors have great communication skills, enabling them to simplify complex concepts in ways that are understandable to our students. In fact, kids who scratch their heads before in confusion at words, like “denominator”, “factor”, “integer”, etc., later use these same words with confidence as part of their Maths vocabulary.

Good Computer Skills

Because of the isolation imposed by the COVID-19 lockdowns, our tutors need to have good computer skills in order to fully utilise our online tutoring platforms in teaching our students at home. This would include knowing how to conduct online tutoring sessions using Skype or Zoom, use email for the transmission of exams, progress reports, and other Maths-related papers, and other software.

Excellent Interpersonal Skills

Some of our students have had bad experiences with teachers in their regular schools, and thus may suffer from self-esteem issues. Our tutors are professionals. They will not subject a child to shouting, cursing, or blatant disregard to their struggles. Instead, they will serve as your child’s support, explaining Maths concepts in simpler language, and providing much needed encouragement. In addition, our tutors can teach your child techniques that will boost their confidence and self-esteem.

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