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Given the increasing complexities of learning nowadays, parents should be ready in case their child starts to have problems with their studies. This is especially true for the foundation subjects, namely English and Maths. It is understandable for kids to have problems with either of these two subjects. It gets much worse though when they start struggling with both subjects.

Not to worry though! Whether your child is having difficulties with either subject or even both, the English and Maths tutors Sydney-based tutoring center, Growth Academy is here to help.

What can you expect when you enroll your child with us?

ENGLISH AND MATHS TUTORS SYDNEY – Growth Academy is Here to Help

Small Class Sizes with Individualised Learning

The problem with regular schools is that their strict timetable does not allow their teachers to provide individualised instruction to each struggling child in class. And we are talking about classes consisting of 20 students or more! Because of this, you have kids who are barely passing their English and Maths subjects and, thus, have very shaky foundations. This will be a huge problem, especially when they move on to higher level studies and, more so, when they are going to take the NAPLAN and HSC exams.

Our Maths and English tutors Sydney-based tutoring center maintains a small class size of 5 students. This allows our tutors to come up with individualised study plans that will address the problem areas of each child. They will not advance to the next topic until the whole class has fully grasped the current lessons.

Professional Tutors

Our tutors are role models of professionalism. They are not out to make a fast buck. Nor will they shout or cuss or, worse, abandon your child if they get frustrated at his/her lack of progress. You can count on our tutors to simplify lessons so that your child can easily learn them – even hard, complex lessons, like Maths concepts and English grammar rules.

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In addition, Growth Academy tutors don’t just limit themselves to the items in their study plans. They can also teach your child stress and time management techniques so that they can study and perform better in school. Most importantly, every study plan incorporates reviews of past lessons and concepts. Because of this, every bit of knowledge they have learned in the past becomes deeply ingrained inside their young minds. This is vital especially when the time comes for them to take the NAPLAN and the HSC exams.

Great Savings

We understand just how expensive a good education can be. Because we at Growth Academy value your family budget, you can select the right study package that meets your child’s needs but at the same time does not stretch your finances. You can also avail of sibling discounts if you have other children who need Maths and English tutoring. Last but not least, we are also offering a full money back guarantee on the first lesson in case you or your child is not satisfied with our services.

If you are searching for good tutors for your child, you need look no further than our English and Maths tutors Sydney-based center. Book an assessment with Growth Academy today!

We are the English and Maths Tutors Sydney based centre you need!

Growth Academy gives students the instruction and support they need in a stress-free environment conducive to learning. Send your child to a centre that puts the student first. Help your child gain a step ahead.

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