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Every parent wants to see their kids achieve proficiency in the English language. However, the use of informal speech, Australian slang, and contractions in social media conversations makes this goal easier said than done. Sadly, English teachers are dismayed to see their young charges writing slang and contractions, like “LOL” and “LMAO” in their formal essays.

If you want your kids to achieve mastery in English writing (perhaps in the hope that this mastery will transition to better speaking as well), you need to find a good English tutor in Sydney.

Here are the qualifications that you need to look for.

ENGLISH TUTOR IN SYDNEY – The Qualifications that You Need to Look for

Credentials to Tutor English

It is obvious that the very first step that you need to take is to check the credentials of potential English tutors or tutoring centers. The best English tutors should not only have a good educational background and years of teaching experience. Their skills should encompass all levels of the subject, starting from the basics of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence construction to the intricacies of essay and creative writing.

Excellent Communication Skills

What is the point of getting the services of an English tutor if they don’t possess excellent communication skills? Of course, this extends to being able to express himself/herself not only in grammatically correct English, but also be able to explain English rules in the simplest of terms so that he/she can be easily understood, even with the hard stuff.


A good English tutor should be professional at all times. They should be very patient with their young students. If the student is struggling, they should not shout or cuss in frustration and impatience. Instead, they should explain the topic and provide good examples so that the student can understand what is being taught. On the parents’ side, the English tutor should be aware that they are being paid with hard-earned cash. No matter how difficult a student is, they should never abandon them and run off with the money.

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Excellent Interpersonal Skills

A good English tutor in Sydney should be able to use the language to have better interactions with their students. They should be flexible enough to find techniques and ways to help their students fully grasp the difficult English concepts that they are learning. In addition, English tutors should not be “Grammar Nazis”. Rather than criticize a student for their poor grammar, they should gently point out the errors, why it is wrong, and encourage them to correct their own mistakes. Most important of all, they should offer praise whenever appropriate to lift up the spirits of their students and encourage them to do better in their English studies.

Observes Good Time Management

English tutors should have the skills to manage the limited time that they have with their students. This means they need to come up with a study plan that is not as fully packed as a regular school syllabus, so that there is more time to explain difficult topics to their students individually. In this way, no student will be left behind.

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