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The problem that many working parents have is that they don’t have enough time to be able to teach their kids if they happen to be struggling at some of their subjects in school. This is true with difficult subjects like English. Another consideration is that they want to ensure the safety of their kids when they go for tutoring at a center.

Growth Academy is an English tutor Sydney Inner West tutoring center that matches your requirements for an excellent supplemental education for your child.

Here are the reasons why Growth Academy is your choice for English tutoring.

ENGLISH TUTOR SYDNEY INNER WEST – Why Growth Academy is Your Choice for English Tutoring

Accessible Location

Our tutoring center is accessible to parents who are working in Inner West Sydney and the Sydney Central Business District and live in neighboring suburbs. They can easily drive their kids to our center before or after work, depending upon their children’s schedule.

For kids who commute, our English tutor Sydney Inner West tutoring center can be reached through Sydney’s public transportation system. In fact, the nearest bus stop is just a four-minute walk to and from our center.

Professional English Tutors

We are proud to say that Growth Academy has the best English tutors in Sydney. They possess the credentials and the years of experience to teach English at all levels. 

Does your child have a shaky basics foundation or have they regressed to using social media slang and contractions in their school work? Our tutors can do a thorough review of the basics in much simpler terms, so that they can now understand the rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and other hard stuff. They can provide individualised instruction so that every child in the class can advance to the next topic.

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In addition, if our tutors see that you kids are ready for higher level topics, the tutor they have now can advance them to the next level without having to switch to another instructor.

Thorough English Writing Assessments

Let us say it right off the bat! There are no “Grammar Nazis” among Growth Academy’s tutors. You will not hear them shout or cuss if your kids make mistakes in their tenses or, unwittingly, use slang. Instead, any errors are gently identified and corrected in class as often as necessary until the use of proper English becomes a habit.

Through our essay writing assessments, our English tutors can check your child’s level of comprehension and offer techniques on how to improve it. This assessment also includes your child’s ability to present his/her ideas in a coherent and logical way. Through these assessments, we greatly improve your child’s writing skills, so that they have greater confidence when they take the challenging HSC English exams.

We Value Your Money

At Growth Academy, we understand the huge costs of providing a good education for your child. If your kids are having problems with English, we want to make sure that you get the services you need without breaking your bank. In this regard, we offer affordable study packages that can meet your budget. We also offer sibling discounts if you want to enrol your other kids for English tutoring. Because we believe in the skills of our tutors, we offer a full money back guarantee on the first lesson in case you and your child are not satisfied in any way.

Discover what our English tutor Sydney Inner West tutoring center has to offer. Contact Growth Academy today to book an assessment!


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Growth Academy gives students the instruction and support they need in a stress-free environment conducive to learning. Send your child to a centre that puts the student first. Help your child gain a step ahead.

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