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For a student, it can be quite embarrassing to be failing your English subject when English is your native language. As much as you want to ask help from your school teacher, he or she might not have time to give you guidance outside of class. In most cases, your teacher is strictly following the school syllabus and would move from one topic to the next without checking if you or your classmates have understood the subject matter.

This won’t be the case if you acquire the services of an English tutor in Sydney-based tutoring centers, like Growth Academy. Here are the advantages of availing of English tutoring services.


1) Smaller Sized Classes Means Greater Individualised Attention

Unlike other English tutor Sydney-based centers, Growth Academy keeps our classes small. This enables our tutors to proceed at the learning pace of the students themselves. No rushing through a tight syllabus. Aside from being able to address students’ problems directly, the flexible schedule ensures that our tutors can make sure that your children have mastered the subject matter before moving on to the next topic.

2) Customised Study Plans

In the first few weeks of lessons, our tutors assess the needs and progress of each individual student. This assessment allows them to come up with customised study plans that meet the specific needs of the class as a whole and each of the students. Because of this, the entire class is able to improve and progress at the same time, thus ensuring that no student is left behind.

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3) Knowledge and Expertise of Our Tutors

Growth Academy is proud of our English tutors, all of them men and women who possess exemplary knowledge in the subject and considerable experience teaching it in the classroom. This experience enables them to know the shortcomings of the regular classroom situation and recognize the advantage of focused teaching. This means that you not only have tutors who are professional in their dealings with both students and their parents; they are patient and dedicated educators who can demonstrate just how fun learning English can be.

4) Balanced Teaching Method

English is a language for communication. As such, our tutors ensure mastery of English in both its written and verbal forms. One is not sacrificed over the other. Through essays, poetry, and other written exercises, our tutors tackle grammar, sentence construction, and spelling issues on paper. Recitations and discussions in and out of class are promptly corrected for grammar issues. In this way, you have consistent correct English in the written and spoken forms.

5) First Lesson Money Back Guarantee

We are very confident in the teaching skills of our tutors that we offer a first lesson money back guarantee. During that first lesson, you can already note improvements in your child’s English. If you are not satisfied, we will return your money back for the first lesson.

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