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Our tutors explain things clearly – even the hard stuff.

Parents are concerned when they notice that their kids are having problems with their English. This first becomes obvious in their speech, which is grammatically incorrect and loaded with Australian slang. It gets worse, however, in their writing. Aside from basic errors and famous Internet/social media contractions, the ideas and opinions that they want to convey are scattered all over the page. Needless to say, it’s an incomprehensive mess. If the paper could speak, it would be crying out for help.

If your child or teen needs help with their English, English tutors Sydney tutoring centers can help you. A great source for English tutoring is Growth Academy.

ENGLISH TUTORS SYDNEY – Why Growth Academy is Your Source for English Tutoring

Professional and Qualified Tutors

Growth Academy does not just hire anyone off the streets. We carefully inspect credentials, contact references, and do background checks on the tutors we hire. We also ensure that our tutors are qualified to teach, not only the grade of English that they will be assigned to, but all levels, so that transitioning to a lower or higher level as is needed can be accomplished without switching tutors.

The professionalism of our English tutors is impeccable. There are no Grammar Nazis among our tutoring staff, shouting, cussing, or insulting students for their grammar errors. Instead, our tutors conduct detailed reviews of English basics first in order to address weak areas and strengthen the foundations. No English rule is too confusing for them. They can explain the rules in the simplest of terms, even the hard stuff. In fact, it is in this area of effective and proficient English communication that our tutors excel at.

Individualised and Customised Classes

At Growth Academy, we always keep the tutoring sessions at our English tutors Sydney-based center small, around five children per class. We have designed these sessions in this way to enable our tutors to provide individualised attention to each child, knowing that they are unique individuals and thus may be struggling in specific subject areas. In addition, our tutors also collaborate with parents, especially during the first few classes, so that they are able to devise study plans based on the child’s needs.

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Excellent NAPLAN and HSC Preparation

Our tutors teach with the goals of helping your child pass the NAPLAN before entering High School and the HSC before they move on to college. With the NAPLAN, our tutors strengthen the child’s English foundation so that, even at this early stage, they can already speak and write in grammatically correct English.

On the other hand, the HSC exams require High School students to demonstrate not only their reading comprehension skills, but also how they are able to present their thoughts, opinions, and arguments on paper. To give your teens a fighting chance in the HSC exams, our tutors conduct essay writing exercises and assessments using the very texts that your teen will be asked to discuss during the exam proper. For teens who have the skills for writing fiction, poetry, etc., we also conduct creative writing workshops.

For your child’s English tutoring needs, you need look no further than Growth Academy. Book an assessment with our English tutors Sydney tutoring center to learn more!

The English Tutors Sydney based you're looking for are here at Growth Academy!

Growth Academy gives students the instruction and support they need in a stress-free environment conducive to learning. Send your child to a centre that puts the student first. Help your child gain a step ahead.

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