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Although English is one of the main languages of communication, it is the MAJOR language all over the world. English proficiency is necessary if you want to get ahead in school – whether it’s in Elementary, High School, or College – or in your chosen career in the future. While you may get away with speaking informal English in your communications with families and friends, in writing, you need to observe strict standards. This means perfect grammar and spelling, and more importantly that what the ideas you put down on paper should have a logical, coherent flow. Having good English writing skills is especially important if you want to get higher marks in the HSC exams.

Growth Academy – an English writing tutor Sydney tutoring center – is here to help you improve in your writing skills. Let us enumerate why you need our assistance in your English writing.

ENGLISH WRITING TUTOR SYDNEY – Why You Need Help in Your English Writing

Rebuild A Shaky Foundation on the Basics

English is one of the most difficult languages to learn, even for a native speaker. This is because of the many conflicting rules that are present in the basics, which include grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

If you have a shaky foundation, our English tutors will conduct a complete and thorough review of these basics. Even the hardest and most confusing of rules will be explained simply and clearly this time. Any mistakes discovered during this review period will be corrected early and as often as necessary until you have mastered the right forms.

Provide Writing Exercises

Any student who wants to improve their writing skills needs to do a lot of writing. For this reason, our English writing tutor Sydney tutoring center gives numerous opportunities for our students to hone their skills through writing exercises.

Because we are particularly focused on ensuring that you get better scores in your HSC exams, we require students to do essays both in and out of the tutoring session based on the assigned text materials for these important state exams.

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Offer Essay Writing Assessments

Every essay that is submitted by students to our English writing tutors is carefully assessed, not only for errors in the basics. They need to verify if you were able to comprehend the resource materials that you were asked to read. They also check the flow of your ideas and if you are able to express/defend your ideas/arguments in a coherent and logical manner.

Offer Creative Writing Workshops

Students may feel restricted by the rigid structures of essay writing. For those who truly want to explore their ideas and flights of fancy, Growth Academy also offers creative writing workshops. Our English writing tutors can teach you how to write key literary forms, in particular, the short story, poetry, and plays. Same as our essay writing exercises, our tutors will carefully assess your literary “masterpieces” based on the standards for creative writing.

Learn more about the services that our English writing tutor Sydney tutoring center has to offer! Book an assessment with Growth Academy today and see your English writing improve with great leaps and bounds!

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