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If Primary School is the period of your child’s educational growth and development when they build the foundations for basic knowledge, High School serves as the time of transition to higher learning in college, which will decide your career in the future. However, a child who has shaky Primary School foundations, particularly in Maths, is sure to struggle with their studies in High School.

For this reason, you need a High School Maths tutors Sydney-based tutoring center like Growth Academy to help your child get better grades in this difficult, but very important subject. Here’s how Growth Academy can help your child master High School Maths.

HIGH SCHOOL MATHS TUTORS SYDNEY – How Growth Academy Can Help Your Child Master High School Maths


Whenever we perform an assessment on an incoming student at our tutoring center, the first thing we ask is how the child did in Primary School. More likely than not, the child was already experiencing difficulties even back then and was barely passing their Maths subjects. With the help of the parents, we determine the child’s Maths weaknesses.

Before starting with the Maths topics for High School, our tutors develop a study plan that will address these weaknesses as well as review past lessons that will be needed in High School. In this way, we rebuild and strengthen your child’s Maths foundation from Primary School in readiness for High School concepts.

Providing Maths Support in High School

There are cases wherein some kids actually did good with basic arithmetic, but started struggling with higher Maths, like Algebra and Geometry. They may be feeling overwhelmed by the lengthy solutions that are presented in their textbooks.

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However, what most regular Maths teachers fail to instruct their young charges is that the higher Maths is about analysis and the application of concepts in problem solving. In this regard, certain equations can be solved by utilising other Maths concepts, not just those in textbook solutions.

Our High School Maths tutors Sydney-based tutoring center encourages our students to think “out of the box” so to speak. We don’t confine them to textbook solutions; we encourage them to use every concept they have learned in our tutoring sessions in answering equations.

In addition, our tutors will be at their side at every step of their Maths learning. Kids don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes. Our Maths tutors will offer them guidance and support, so that the student can find the right answer on their own.

Building a Love for Maths

Because of our tutors’ passion and dedication for Maths, our students eventually understand the concepts that they are learning and apply them, not only in school but also in their everyday lives. With this growing appreciation for the subject, they learn to love Maths and feel energised by the challenges it represents. In fact, our students not only do very well in the HSC Maths exams; they also go on to study Maths-related courses in college, which are much in-demand because of the current trends for technology.

Let our High School Maths tutors Sydney-based tutoring center help your child achieve mastery over this challenging subject. Book an assessment with Growth Academy today!

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