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There is the misconception that native English speakers excel in their English subjects in school. Unfortunately, this is not quite true in Australia. According to the 2016 Progress In International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS), although significant improvement has been noted in the average reading score among Year 4 students between the 2011 and 2016 PIRLS assessments, it is still lower than the average scores of other English-speaking countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and England. It certainly is no wonder, therefore, that students struggle with the HSC English trials and exams.

If your teen is still having problems with their English subjects in High School and you want them to get higher marks in the HSC exams, an HSC English tutor Sydney-based company like Growth Academy can help them.

HSC ENGLISH TUTOR SYDNEY – How Growth Academy Can Help You Ace Your Exams

What Makes the HSC English Exams Challenging?

A High School student must choose to take one of these HSC English course exams – English Standard, English Advanced, English Extension 1 and 2 (for Year 12 courses), English EAL/D, English Studies, and English Life Skills. Students who are aiming for a higher ATAR rank often choose the higher scaling, but more complex courses, in particular, English Advanced.

The HSC English exams are not your basic multiple-choice type tests. These exams are intended to test all aspects of your teen’s literacy, encompassing reading comprehension, writing, and critical thinking.

Months before the HSC exams, your teen will be assigned texts to read, including prose fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama/theater plays, film/screenplays, and digital texts (such as podcasts). They will then be asked questions about what they have read and must come up with short but well-written essays to demonstrate their understanding of the texts as well as their mastery of basic grammar, spelling, vocabulary, etc.

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How Growth Academy Can Help You Ace the HSC English Exams

Our HSC English tutor Sydney-based tutoring center consists of teaching professionals who have experience in techniques for the comprehension and analysis of texts. They also possess the qualifications to help your teen achieve mastery in both written and spoken English.

The tutors of Growth Academy make it a point to know the assigned texts for the HSC English exams. Students are asked to read these materials at least twice. These texts are then discussed intensively in the weekly tutoring sessions. We also hold workshops days prior to the exams. Throughout the course of these studies, we monitor your teen’s progress and promptly address any weaknesses.

One important service that we provide our students is essay marking. Much like the essay writing that is to be done during the HSC exams, our tutors require our students to write essays based on assigned topics. These essays are carefully assessed based on proper usage of grammar and vocabulary, correct spelling, and the cohesiveness and comprehensiveness of the ideas that are being presented. These assignments not only help in exposing weaknesses and correcting them. It also gives our students greater confidence in their essay writing skills during the HSC exams.

As an HSC English tutor Sydney-based company, Growth Academy is your teen’s partner in these critical exams. Contact us today to learn more about our HSC English tutoring services

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