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While High School students already have the expectation that the HSC exams are going to be a challenge, the two subjects that are their biggest worries are Maths (not surprising there!) and English. As citizens of an English-language country like Australia, it is ironic to say the least that Highschoolers are having difficulty with the subject at the same degree as Math.

Ah, but we at Growth Academy – an HSC English tutoring Inner West Sydney-based center – know better. Because the HSC English exam is not just about knowing correct spelling and having good grammar; it’s about having good comprehension and analysis of English texts. All the more reason why you should start your review for the exams RIGHT NOW!

Here are the reasons why you should start your HSC English exam review now.


Improve Your Spelling and Grammar

If you have gone through Grade School and High School and still have spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues, then you need to get them fixed now before you take the HSC English exam. This is because it is expected that you have already mastered these core units so that you can come up with well-written academic writing.

Even if you have good comprehension, if you cannot convey your thoughts using these basic units, it can affect your overall exam score.

At Growth Academy, the tutors at our HSC English tutoring Inner West Sydney-based center will conduct a thorough review of these basics through writing exercises. By catching the weak areas early, we can ensure that your Highschooler will show significant improvement in his/her writing by the time the exam comes.

You Need to Read the Assigned Texts for the HSC English Exam

The HSC English exam requires a student to read, watch, or listen to certain assigned texts. In the past exams, these texts include novels, short stories, dramas/plays, screenplays, non-fiction, and even podcasts.

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Months before the exam, it is strongly advised for a student to have read the assigned texts twice. During tutoring sessions, these texts will be discussed by our tutors with greater emphasis on comprehension, analysis, and discovering the author’s truths and messages within.

To improve proficiency in English, Growth Academy tutors don’t just concentrate on the written word. They also conduct verbal exchanges of ideas. Whether written or spoken English, this also gives our tutors the opportunity to continue making corrections in the basic units, especially grammar, as often as necessary.

Creative Writing and Essay Assessment

One of the advantages of attending an HSC English exam tutoring session or workshop with Growth Academy is that we offer assessments on essay and creative writing. Our tutors ask our students to write essays, stories, or poems based on the assigned texts for the HSC English exam. They not only check any errors in the basics; they also assess the presentation of ideas, the analysis of key points, and the coherent and logical flow of thoughts and arguments.

Let the tutors at our HSC English tutoring Inner West Sydney-based center help your teen get good marks at the HSC English exam. Contact us today at Growth Academy to learn more about our English study plans and workshops!

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