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Next Maths, English is one of the most difficult exams that a student will take in order to obtain a Higher School Certificate (HSC). A student has the option to take any of these exams: English Standard, English Advanced, English Extension 1 and 2, English as an Alternative Language/Dialect (English EAL/D), English Studies, and English Life Skills. You can expect to get a better ATAR ranking if you take the higher-level exams instead of settling for the English Standard test.

At our HSC English tutoring Sydney-based center, Growth Academy tutors can help you score higher with these exams.

Let’s take a look at what our English tutors can do for you.

HSC ENGLISH TUTORING SYDNEY – How Growth Academy can Help You Pass the HSC English Exams

Conduct a Review of Basic English Rules

Same as Maths, English as a subject is a cumulative discipline. The English language is solidly founded on rules that cover grammar, spelling, and punctuation, etc. Unfortunately, the tight English syllabus in regular schools does not allow for individualised instruction, which is especially necessary when correcting grammar errors before they become a habit. The result is that you have students who cannot speak or write grammatically correct English, that is riddled with spelling errors, and there is a lack of cohesiveness in the ideas being written about.

Growth Academy English tutors will conduct a thorough review of the basic rules. Any weak areas are determined through essay and creative writing exercises. By addressing these weak points early, not only will the student be able to produce well-written academic material during the HSC exam. They will continue to possess this mastery of the English language well into college and into their future career.

Discussions of HSC English Exam Assigned Texts

Months prior to the HSC English exam, students will be provided with a list of texts that will be covered in the test. These texts may include fiction and non-fiction books, drama/plays, screenplays, poetry, and digital sources, such as ebooks and podcasts.

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Because our HSC English tutoring Sydney-based center is always updated with information on the exams, we also have a list of these assigned texts or they are provided to us by our students and their parents.

What we do is to conduct a chapter-by-chapter or part-by-part reading of these texts, although we strongly advise our students to read these texts in advance at least twice. During tutoring sessions, we discuss each chapter, with our tutors determining how well the student has comprehended what they have read and their analysis of the ideas that are presented.

These discussions may encompass spoken exchanges in class or as essay writing exercises. With both these activities, our tutors continuously correct any lapses the student may have in basic grammar, etc.

Essay and Creative Writing Assessment

Our HSC English tutoring services come with detailed assessments on essay and creative writing. Aside from pointing out strengths and weaknesses that the student has in his/her essay, it is our tutors’ goal that our students develop greater confidence in their writing especially during the HSC English exams.

Let Growth Academy’s English tutors help your teen score good marks during the HSC exam. Book an assessment with our HSC English tutoring Sydney-based center today!


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