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Last May, the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) released the timetable for the 2020 Higher School Certificate (HSC) Exam. Mathematics Standard 1 and 2, Mathematics Advanced, and Mathematics Extension 2 are scheduled for October 26 while Mathematics Extension is on October 30.

We, at Growth Academy, an HSC Maths tutoring Sydney center, believe that now is the right time to start reviewing for these challenging and difficult exams.

HSC MATHS TUTORING SYDNEY – The Time to Review with Growth Academy is Now

Why Your Teens Should Begin Reviewing for the HSC Maths Exams Now

Teens have a tendency to delay doing the important stuff until at the very last minute. This includes the HSC Maths exams. Because the exams will take many months from now, they think that they have enough time to review. The problem is these months are spent still in school, so schoolwork is sure to get in the way of reviewing for the HSC. Sadly, because of the tight schedules of regular schools, they don’t prioritise HSC reviews in their study plans. You also have to consider the fatigue factor. By this time, the teen is tired and exhausted from studying and the projects that they need to finish, so that they don’t have the energy to study at all.

However, if your teen needs to get a fighting chance at passing or, better yet, getting good marks at the HSC Maths exams, they should start reviewing now or much earlier. An early review enables your teen determine any weak points they may still have in their learning and do something to address them. By reviewing practice or samples of past exams, they will know what to expect from the HSC Maths exams. An early review also increases their confidence in taking and passing the exam, helping them to develop that “winning” mindset.

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How Growth Academy Can Help in Your Teen’s HSC Maths Exam Review

Before we conduct the actual HSC Maths exam review, our tutors first do an assessment of your teen’s knowledge of Maths. If they find that your teen has a very shaky foundation, they can start with a review of the basic concepts, strengthening the weak areas, and then move on to higher Maths.

The HSC Maths exam review is done systematically. Our tutors go through each individual topic, making certain that your teen has fully understood and mastered the concepts being learned before moving on to the next topics.

This mastery is being evaluated daily during tutoring sessions by giving students Maths problems to solve. Because our tutors are equipped to teach at all Maths levels, they help in developing problem-solving skills in your teen. In fact, our tutors encourage our students to think “out of the box” and not to confine themselves with textbook answers. Our goal is to make your teens fully capable of applying the Maths concepts they have learned in problem-solving.

And, there is an added bonus to our system of tutoring. As your teen attains mastery of these difficult concepts, they become more confident about their performance in the HSC Maths exams. We also teach them stress and time management. This way, they can manage their time and energy levels both before and during the exams.

Now is the time for your teen to get the HSC review that he/she needs. Contact our HSC Maths tutoring Sydney center today and book an assessment. Growth Academy’s skilled Maths tutors are standing by to help your teen review for the HSC Maths exams!

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