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When it comes to the Higher School Certificate (HSC) examinations, there are two specific subjects that hold the heaviest weights in the ATAR rankings, namely English and Maths. Between these two subjects, it is Maths which majority of students fear and dread.

Growth Academy – an HSC Maths tutors Sydney based tutoring company – offers a brief overview of this very important examination.

HSC MATHS TUTORS SYDNEY – What You Need to Know About the HSC Maths Exams

What are the HSC Maths Exams?

A student has the option to choose between the following HSC Maths Exams – Mathematics Standard (which consists of two courses, namely Mathematics Standard 1 and 2), Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1, and Mathematics Extension 2. Mathematics Standard is supposed to be the easiest of these course exams, but unlike the other courses, the scaling is lower.

For this reason, students who want to achieve a higher ATAR ranking should choose to take the harder course exams.

What makes the HSC Maths Exams Challenging?

Maths, as a subject, is challenging enough. However, students who have taken the HSC exams have found the tests to be very hard, even with the more basic Mathematics Standard exam. And, based on Australian news reports, the exams are getting harder every year. Some educators are even calling the exams “cruel and difficult.” A good example is the circle geometry question that concluded the HSC Maths Extension 2 exam last year.

The goal of the HSC Maths exams is to test the student’s knowledge of the basic Maths he/she will use in daily living as well as their understanding and competence in higher Maths.

The problem is if a student does not have a solid foundation in basic Maths concepts, he/she will find it very hard to answer the questions in the Mathematics Standard exam. How much more if they want to take a higher-level exam to improve their ATAR ranking?

This is where our HSC Maths tutors Sydney based tutoring company steps in.

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How Growth Academy Can Help You Ace the HSC Maths Exams

The Maths tutors of Growth Academy have the academic credentials to teach Maths at all levels. We have specifically hired our tutors for these distinctive qualities because we want to make sure that they can readily move on to higher Maths subjects as demanded by the needs of our students.

But first things, first! Our Maths tutors need to assess the student’s foundations in the subject. If they have been struggling with basic concepts, our tutors need to teach these concepts again in ways that will make them more understandable to the student. Doing so will strengthen the student’s Maths foundations, and thus prepare them for the higher levels.

Once they have mastered the concepts that are required for them to learn for the HSC Maths exams, our tutors give them sample tests – using state-approved practice questions or past HSC exams – to evaluate their knowledge. The answers to these sample tests are also discussed during tutoring sessions or special workshops dedicated to the HSC exams. Holding sample exams serve another, more important goal as well. It helps to build up confidence in our students, so that they are emotionally and mentally ready for the actual HSC exams.

Let our HSC Maths tutors Sydney based tutoring company – Growth Academy – be your child’s partner in taking the HSC Maths exams. Book an assessment with us and discover the HSC services and resources that we offer!

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