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Our tutors explain things clearly – even the hard stuff.

Every student in Australia who completes Years 11 and 12 or an equivalent will ultimately have to take the Higher School Certificate (HSC) examinations. Because attaining the HSC is integral to a student’s being able to move on to higher learning in universities or TAFE institutes, as well as gaining a good Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), there is the need to get good tutoring in order to pass both the trials and the exams.

In order to achieve your HSC and ATAR goals, you need to enrol in an HSC tutoring Sydney-based center like Growth Academy.

Here’s what you can expect from HSC tutoring sessions with us.

HSC TUTORING SYDNEY – Stepping tone to the Future

1) We cover the crucial Board Developed Courses.

When it comes to the HSC, the Board Developed Courses that are particularly crucial are English and Maths. More intensive tutoring is given to these two subjects because they carry the greatest weights in the HSC trials and exams. Aside from English and Maths, we also offer tutoring classes for Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

2) Intensive tutoring and review

We take pride in our statement – “Our tutors explain things clearly – even the hard stuff.” Such clear explanations and teaching are especially important to get good scores in the HSC exams. For this reason, our tutors provide tutoring and review sessions that are more intensive than our regular classes. Not only will they do a thorough review of all subject matter that has been taught; they will ensure that the students have an excellent grasp or, better yet, mastery of the theories, concepts, and other knowledge learned.

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3) We give practice exams and review them afterwards.

What better way to let a student know the “HSC experience” than by giving them practice exams! At our HSC tutoring Sydney-based centers, we conduct mock examinations using past exam papers that are available online or in Board approved print reviewers. These exams are carefully graded to determine any weaknesses that are still existing in the student’s knowledge base. Specific exam questions that have resulted in a lot of wrong answers are reviewed and corrected in class.

Since the HSC exams are not all multiple-choice questions, our tutors do a thorough evaluation of essay writing and theme analysis.

4) We provide supplementary lessons on stress and time management.

The HSC trials and examinations can be very stressful for students, mainly because of the tremendous bulk of knowledge that needs to be reviewed. Our tutors will provide supplementary lessons on how students can manage their time so that they will be able to have a more efficient review. They will also teach study techniques that can promote better memory retention and knowledge retrieval, and improve concentration and focus while studying and taking the exam itself. Also important is the supplementary lesson on stress management. This would include breathing exercises and other techniques to relieve stress and anxiety before and during the HSC exams.

Let Growth Academy be your choice as the HSC tutoring Sydney-based center for your teenager.  Contact us today so that we can do a thorough assessment of your teen’s HSC prospects.

We are the HSC Tutoring Sydney based centre you need!

Growth Academy gives students the instruction and support they need in a stress-free environment conducive to learning. Send your child to a centre that puts the student first. Help your child gain a step ahead.

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