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Our tutors explain things clearly – even the hard stuff.

For over a decade, Growth Academy’s Math tutors have been providing high quality supplemental Maths education, and we continue to be on a roll. In fact, while some Math teachers complain about being bored or frustrated at their students’ poor progress in class, our tutors have stepped up, providing the dedicated instruction needed which their counterparts in regular schools could not.

So, why is teaching Math a joy for Step Ahead Coaching?

MATH TUTORS – Why Teaching Math is a Joy for Growth Academy

Math Is Our Greatest Strength

Needless to say, the Maths tutors at Growth Academy live and breathe the subject. There is nothing they love more than being able to impart their knowledge to their students. Even the hard stuff becomes simpler because they are able to explain the concepts with great passion and interest. Such is their enthusiasm for the subject that they are able to let their young charges develop an appreciation for Maths.

The Feeling of Fulfillment

There are two types of kids who come to Growth Academy for Math assistance – those who are not making the grade in their classes or those who feel that their teacher is not moving along fast enough on the syllabus.

Struggling students develop fear and hatred toward Math, a natural reaction for a subject that they don’t fully understand. Our tutors, however, don’t consider them lost causes. They rebuild and strengthen these kids’ foundation by simplifying Math and its complicated terms, thus making even the hardest topics easier to understand and appreciate. Just picture this. A child who is close to tears because he/she is unable to answer a Math problem. When our tutor explains the concept behind it, their face lights up as they finally understand. It is that happy look of understanding that gives joy to our tutors’ hearts.

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As for the second type of student, our tutors believe that overachievers should not be left to flounder with the rest of his/her classmates. Instead, they teach them the next topics in advance, so that even before it is taught in their regular classroom, they already know the subject matter. This makes for better classroom performance and grades.

The Feeling of Success

Our Math tutors’ greatest joy is knowing that they have become part of their students’ successes – small or big. On many occasions, our tutors will tell how one of their students answered a difficult Math equation in a few steps, using concepts that he/she thought was not applicable to the problem being solved. This not only implies that the student has understood the concepts he/she learned; they have fully mastered it.

Our tutors have seen their students run into class waving test papers with high marks. And those test scores were only the beginning. You can only just imagine their delight when they see these same kids scoring high at the HSC exams and receiving a higher ATAR ranking.

Let your children experience the joys of learning Math with Growth Academy’s tutors. Learn more about us by booking an assessment today!

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