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When children and teenagers continue to struggle with their Maths and English subjects, it becomes a serious concern of their parents. Unlike other subjects in class, including Science, English and Mathematics are the foundations of a good education. Not understanding the concepts and being able to apply them in everyday situations may affect their future, especially their prospects of a bright career.

Let us take a look at the Maths and English tutoring Sydney students need.


Maths Tutoring

Mathematics is one of the fundamental subjects of the school curriculum. And yet it is the subject majority of students struggle with the most. Why is Maths so difficult to learn?

Basic Mathematics is supposed to be the foundation of the entire subject. However, children need to master the concepts behind the four main operations, namely addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. With multiplication, there is also the need to memorise the multiplication table. While the child already struggles to study these operations individually, their difficulties increase when they need to do them in a lengthy equation that utilises two or three or all four of these operations.

If they haven’t mastered these basics, their difficulty grows as they advance to higher Maths subjects, such as Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus, and Statistics, each of which have their own inherent concepts that need to be mastered.

When a child is struggling even at Basic Maths, this means that they are not getting the focused attention that they need in class. Because they follow a syllabus with a strict timetable, their teachers cannot devote more time to an individual student.

Maths tutoring can fix this problem. Because classes are kept at small sizes, the tutor can readily address the student’s problem areas. If it’s the whole class that’s having problems, the tutor can delay advancing to the next topic until all the students have clearly understood and mastered the Maths concept that is being taught.

Here’s another thing about Maths tutoring. In regular school classes, children are taught long, textbook written ways of solving equations. However, because of their more intensive educational backgrounds, Maths tutors can teach kids shorter, simpler ways of equation solving. This not only helps improve the mastery of the concept; it also helps to reduce stress and frustration in the student.

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English Tutoring

There is the wrong notion that just because you live in an English-speaking nation, like Australia, learning the language itself is a cinch. Not true though.

The existing rules for grammar structure and spelling may contradict each other in certain cases. As a good example, students are often confused with the spelling rule pertaining to words with an “ie” or “ei”. You also have the confusion that arises with the correct usage of synonyms. Then, there’s the everyday English that is used. Kids often say “I need to get to class” when the correct way should be “I need to go to class.”

In some cases, students may be good with written English, but have difficulties in speaking it, or vice versa.

Through focused teaching, a good tutor can teach these rules through both written and verbal examples. Much like Maths, they will not leave the topic at hand until the students have mastered it.

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