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When it comes to the annual HSC exams, there are two particular tests that High School students dread taking, namely Maths and English. While most students prefer to take the easier Standard exams so they can pass, good results at the increasingly difficult Advanced and Extension exams can push their ATAR rankings higher. This higher rank increases their chances of entering their chosen college course.

If you want to excel at the HSC exams, you will need the help of a Maths and English tutors Sydney center, like Growth Academy. Here are the ways by which we can help you achieve your HSC goals in each subject.


Excel in HSC Maths

Even as early as Elementary, students have already dubbed Maths as the most difficult subject of all. The problem with Maths is that it requires cumulative learning and constant practice to master it. Every student starts with the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division before moving on to the higher concepts of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. A student who has not fully mastered the basic operations will find the higher concepts bewildering. Unfortunately, because of tight schedules, teachers in regular schools don’t have the time or attention to spare for students who are struggling in the basic concepts.

This is not so with our English and Maths tutors Sydney-based tutoring center. Recognising the importance of building a strong basics foundation, our tutors will conduct a thorough review of these operations and strengthen the weak areas. Because of their mastery in the subject, they are capable of explaining even the hardest and most complex concepts in the simplest of terms. This makes it easier for students to fully grasp each lesson being taught in our tutoring sessions.

Our tutors also make it a point to teach difficult Maths problems from past HSC exams. By learning how to solve these problems, students can determine the right concepts and techniques to use to be able to solve difficult equations in the exams they will be taking in the near future.

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Excel in HSC English

While English also requires cumulative learning and regular practice in speech and writing, the HSC exams are a different matter altogether. As Australian students are already aware, the HSC English exams do not have multiple-choice questions to test your grammar. Instead, they are asked to write essays based on assigned texts that they are supposed to read months before the exam.

Knowing that writing in good, grammatically correct English adds points to the student’s favor, our tutors always begin with reviews on basic grammar, sentence construction, spelling, and punctuation. They make it a point to gently correct errors in grammar both inside and outside tutoring sessions before they become a habit to the student.

Once their English basics foundations are strengthened, our tutors proceed to teaching good essay writing using the same texts that are covered in the HSC exams. Essay assessments are conducted not only to correct basic errors, but also to check their reading comprehension and their way of writing down ideas in a coherent and logical manner. They also teach critical analysis of the assigned texts, so that they are better able to determine key messages that are being conveyed by the author.

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