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Maths can be a difficult and challenging subject to learn. Just ask any student who experiences struggles with the subject in their daily classes in school. What you may not know is that even a Maths tutor in Sydney can also experience certain challenges in tutoring the subject.

You are probably thinking why should a Maths tutor – who is supposed to be an expert in the subject – still find it difficult to teach it?

Let the tutors of Growth Academy explain the challenges of tutoring Maths.

MATHS TUTOR IN SYDNEY – The Challenges of Tutoring Maths

When the Maths Foundation is Shaky

In regular schools, more often than not, Maths teachers are forced to rush through the tight schedule of a syllabus. They cannot afford to teach struggling students individually. So, rather than have a kid repeat a grade because they failed the subject – a useless measure if the teaching is going to be rushed again – they instead give them a passing mark, which certainly does very little to help the student. The result is that you have a child with a very shaky Maths foundation.

When a child is enrolled at Growth Academy with weaknesses in their Maths foundation, our tutors literally start from scratch. Thankfully, because of our smaller class sizes, our tutors can give each child the individualised instruction that he/she needs. They will not move on to the next higher-level topics until they have strengthened the child’s Maths foundation.

Simplifying the Language of Maths so Our Tutors can Teach Even the Hard Stuff

The problem with Maths is that it comes with a whole bunch of words or vocabulary that kids don’t understand. Words like “fractions”, “denominator”, “integer”, etc. have their heads spinning in confusion. Our Maths tutors teach these difficult terms by simplifying them and making them more understandable to your children. In this way, our tutors can teach even the most difficult subjects. In time, not only will your kids have a full grasp of their Maths subjects, they will also be able to use these complex terms correctly like seasoned mathematicians.

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Limiting Calculator Use for Basic Maths

One question that is often asked by students to a Maths tutor in Sydney is: “Can’t I just use a calculator?” However, frequent calculator use eliminates the need for students to analyse and solve questions on their own. For this reason, our tutors limit, or even prohibit, calculator use for basic Maths during tutoring sessions. It is only when they have mastered solving basic questions on their own, using the concepts that they have learned, do we allow calculators. But again, we adhere strictly to limited calculator use because we want our students to be able to compute without being completely dependent upon calculating tools.

Limiting Test Stress

One of the most challenging tutoring sessions that our Maths tutor faces is when our students are going to take difficult exams, and that includes the NAPLAN and the much-dreaded HSC exams. When faced with these hard tests, our students’ stress shoots through the roof. In fact, we’ve had some students claim that they’ve forgotten all they’ve learned. We reduce test stress by making reviews of past lessons a part of every tutoring session to keep Maths concepts constantly fresh in their minds. We also teach them stress and time management techniques that they can use before and during the exams.

Every Maths tutor in Sydney’s Growth Academy is well-equipped to meet the challenges of teaching this challenging subject. Book an assessment with us today!

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