Maths Tutor Sydney Inner West

Maths Tutor Sydney Inner West

maths tutor sydney inner west

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Every time a parent considers getting a Maths tutor, it’s because their kids are having problems with this subject. Perhaps they are barely passing Maths or, worse, are failing in their exams. However, failing at Maths is not the only reason why you should consider getting your child a tutor.

For a Maths tutor Sydney Inner West based tutoring center like Growth Academy, parents have confided in us the benefits their children have received under the tutelage of our dedicated educators.

MATHS TUTOR SYDNEY INNER WEST – Why Your Child Needs a Maths Tutor

1) Rebuilding a solid Maths foundation

As many of our tutors have discovered, the reason why kids struggle with Maths is that they never had a good foundation in the subject from their regular classes in school to begin with. This is because regular schoolteachers just rush through the syllabus without checking if the child has fully mastered the topics. Our tutors not only go about rebuilding this foundation from scratch; they strengthen this foundation by constantly building up on previous knowledge learned.

2) Getting ahead in their Maths topics

Once a firm Maths foundation has been achieved, it is not surprising just how fast and easy it is for our students to understand and master new concepts that are not only being taught in our Maths tutor Sydney Inner West tutoring centers, but also in their regular school classes as well. Because of this, they are not only getting good grades; they are also a topic or two ahead of their classmates.

3) Builds confidence and self-esteem

One reason why kids have difficulties in Maths is the many times they have felt ashamed or embarrassed in class for failing to solve even simple equations. Because our tutors help your child in understanding Maths concepts better, they start to develop greater confidence and self-esteem in their regular classes.

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4) One-on-one instruction

Because of the large number of students in regular classrooms, more often than not, a child is unable to ask questions in class. Our tutors encourage kids to ask questions, so that they can already address unclear topics early on. They also will not proceed to the next topic unless everyone in the tutoring session has understood and mastered the Maths concepts being taught.

5) Reduce homework difficulties

In some cases, kids unknowingly show their problems with Maths when they spend hours struggling through homework. Because our tutors are online, they can guide kids through their homework and later discuss these same problems during a tutoring session for everyone to benefit.

6) Catching up during holidays

The problem with lengthy holidays like summer or winter breaks, kids tend to forget what they have learned in their regular classes. Tutoring not only helps in retention of past Maths concepts learned; they are also able to learn new skills so that they are ready when classes resume again.

7) Success at standardized tests

Maths tutors Sydney Inner West tutoring centers are focused on ensuring your child’s success at standardized tests, like NAPLAN and HSC. Not only are they tutored on Maths topics that carry heavy weight in these exams, their knowledge is also tested on practice exams that contain questions from previous tests. This makes them more equipped to solve difficult Maths problems in their upcoming exam.

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