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For parents who are in need of a Maths tutor for their child, a Maths tutor Sydney south-west based tutoring center in Prestons that often appears in Internet searches and through recommendations by friends and acquaintances is Growth Academy. Indeed, we have worked hard for more than ten years to gain the trust of our students and their families through the passion, expertise, and dedication of our Maths tutors.

Here are the reasons why Growth Academy is a leader in Maths tutoring.

MATHS TUTOR SYDNEY SOUTH – Why Growth Academy is a Leader in Tutoring

Our tutors have the Maths knowledge and skills.

At Growth Academy, we know how important Maths is as a foundation subject in Primary School and as a stepping stone to a choice course in college. For these reasons, we don’t just hire anyone. We ensure that the tutor has the knowledge and skills to teach this complex subject. Not only that, it’s not enough for us that our tutors can teach a level or two of Maths. We want our tutors to be knowledgeable in all levels of Maths. This is because, when a child has mastered the concepts for a grade level, we can move them to the next higher level without switching tutors, especially if they have come to trust the tutor they have now.

Our tutors are seasoned professionals.

Professionalism is a quality that some private tutors and tutoring centers unfortunately lack. If they encounter a struggling student and have difficulty in teaching them, they either break their contracts or run off with the poor parents’ money. This won’t happen at our Maths tutor Sydney south-west based tutoring center. Step Ahead Coaching’s educators are seasoned professionals who can readily adapt to the needs of their students. You won’t hear them shout or curse at a student. Instead, they will provide the unwavering guidance that your child needs to learn Maths.

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Saving time for all.

If there’s one thing that we value most, it is saving time, not only for our tutors but also for their students as well. How do we go about saving time for everyone? As early as the assessment, we determine the weaknesses in a child’s Maths knowledges. From here, we come up with a study plan on how each session will be handled by the tutor. We don’t waste time. Our tutors address these weaknesses head on and will not move to the next topic until your child has fully mastered the concepts they need to learn. Instead of repeating the lesson over and over again, our tutors provide reviews and opportunities for them to practice what they have learned in previous sessions through Maths exercises.

Saving on Cost

We understand that tutoring can be costly. We are proud of the fact that our tutoring services are reasonable and affordable. Not only that. We offer sibling and group discounts. Also, we offer a full money back guarantee if your child is not satisfied.

The reviews and testimonials that our Maths tutor Sydney south-west based tutoring center is testament to our tutors’ dedication to your child’s education. Book an assessment with us today to learn more about Growth Academy!

We are the Maths Tutor Sydney South based centre you need!

Growth Academy gives students the instruction and support they need in a stress-free environment conducive to learning. Send your child to a centre that puts the student first. Help your child gain a step ahead.

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