Maths Tutor Sydney Western Suburbs

Maths Tutor Sydney Western Suburbs

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Growth Academy – a Maths tutor Sydney western suburbs based tutoring center – has been in the business of tutoring children for more than ten years. With over a decade of experience in education, we have come to recognise the difference between the school and tutoring environment. The tutoring environment, in particular, provides a better learning experience for students, especially when it comes to difficult, challenging subjects like Maths.

Let us take a look at the importance of a good, positive environment for learning Maths.

MATHS TUTOR SYDNEY WESTERN SUBURBS – Why a Good Environment is Important for Learning Maths

We are Accessible For You and Your Kids

One thing that parents look for in Maths tutoring center is accessibility. It should be easy to get to using available public transport systems. Growth Academy is only a four minutes walk from the bus stop, so that kids can get to our center and go home without any transportation problems.

Study Plans: Rigidity vs Flexibility

The problem with regular schools is that teachers are required to meet a rigid, tight syllabus. In order to meet the set timetable for the year, more often than not, school teachers rush through every Maths topic, hoping that their students can keep up with them when in reality they could not.

Tutors at our Maths tutor Sydney western suburbs center know that this rigid timetable is not conducive to learning. Instead, they make flexible study plans that meet the students’ needs. Such is the flexibility of their study plans that the class does not advance to the next Maths topic until they have mastered the concepts in their current lesson.

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Smaller Class Sizes Means Individualised Tutoring

Unlike regular school classrooms that have around 20 students, tutoring sessions are kept small, with a maximum of five to six students. This makes it easier for the tutor to provide individual instruction to students with specific Maths problems.

The smaller class sizes are also beneficial because students are kept under the watchful eye and guidance of our tutors. Because they are seasoned teaching professionals, they will not subject your child to shouts and cursing when they could not answer a question correctly. Instead, aside from teaching them about Maths concepts, they shower them with praise and encouragement in order to build up their confidence and self-esteem. This is very important especially when they will be taking important state examinations like the NAPLAN and the HSC exams.

Tutors can help these kids by teaching them the next topics in advance. Not only does this prepare them for when the topic will be taught in the classroom, it also eases the stress and frustration that they are feeling because they cannot advance.

The Maths tutor Sydney western suburbs based tutoring center of Growth Academy provides the positive, productive environment that your child needs to learn a challenging subject like Maths. Contact Growth Academy today and book an assessment with us!

We are the Maths Tutor Sydney Western Suburbs based centre you need!

Growth Academy gives students the instruction and support they need in a stress-free environment conducive to learning. Send your child to a centre that puts the student first. Help your child gain a step ahead.

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