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Many students tend to be choosy when scouting for tutors for their academic needs. This is quite understandable bearing in mind that education has a life-long impact in a person’s life, and if it is not properly imparted it might have a detrimental effect on the life of the student. It is therefore imperative that the learner or guardian seeks the services of a reputable tutoring company that engages the expertise of professional tutors. The following are five key features that aptly define our maths tutor Sydney at Growth Academy.

Maths Tutor Sydney - Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Join Growth Academy

1. Knowledgeable in mathematics

A great maths teacher must display an excellent mastery of content. This will build his or her credibility in the eyes of the learners – a crucial component in the learning process. To gain confidence in subject content calls for the maths tutor to invest their time, money and effort to study a variety of disciplines in maths at advanced levels. When this happens, both the teacher and the learners will be at ease as the lessons are in progress. When the teacher is comfortable with the concepts being imparted, the learners will find it far much easier to concentrate and actually internalise the concepts.

2. Client friendly

It is important for the teacher to go beyond the content of the subject and focus on the needs of the individual learner. Every student and guardian needs to be made to feel special by being shown appreciation, care and concern. The teacher needs to listen to the learner when they need to pour out, as this might very well be the only motivation they need to refocus and excel in their maths lessons. An experienced maths tutor knows that they need to be friendly, patient, supportive and calm in front of the clients.

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3. Possess effective teaching strategies

Different students will invariably exhibit different maths abilities, and this may pose a challenge in a mixed ability class. A great math teacher will mitigate this by keeping abreast with the latest best practices in mathematics and use them to ensure that the needs of all the students are met. The teacher will acquaint themselves with all the available alternative problem solving strategies and help the individual learner to grasp and adopt the one that works best for them. In addition, the superior teacher will ensure that they explain concepts or speak at the language level that the learner understands best.

4. Passionate and enthusiastic

Learning maths is made to be fun by a competent instructor. All this starts by the tutor himself or herself displaying a passion and enthusiasm in the process of teaching the subject. The teacher needs to prepare well for content delivery, and the learners will very quickly notice this. Research has shown that learners respond positively to the instruction of tutors who are self-motivated. Nothing can transmit the beauty of maths to the learner faster than a genuine display of passion and enthusiasm from the teacher.

5. Effective communicator

Last but not least, it is very important for the teacher to perfect their communication skills – both verbal and non-verbal. Articulation of words, eloquence, pace of speech, effective use of body language and proper choice of register are some of the communication aspects that the teacher needs to be grasp. Content can only be effectively delivered if the students fully understand their teacher.

Conversely, the teacher must encourage healthy participation in class by the learners. The learners should be encouraged to ask and answer questions and take part in group discussion activities.

It is noteworthy that only a professional maths tutor can possess the above key qualities. Such teachers have their ultimate goal as the success of each of the individual learners under their care.

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