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Our tutors explain things clearly – even the hard stuff.

It is an undeniable fact that a great majority of Australian students hate Maths. Those who never had a solid foundation in the subject tend to steer clear of higher Maths related courses in High School, not knowing that they are risking their chances of getting into the college course of their choice.  

Despite being one of the key subjects for getting a high ATAR ranking, Maths has caused considerable stress in struggling students, so that they just resign themselves to getting a passing grade. 

A Maths tutoring Sydney Inner West center like Growth Academy can break this chain of hatred, stress, and fear of Maths among Australia’s students. Suffice to say, our Maths tutors have stepped forward to extend their help and guidance in Maths and change students’ attitudes about the subject.


Our tutors allay your child’s Maths fears.

A fear of Maths is caused by a number of factors. For one, kids may be all too aware of the fact that they have not mastered basic Maths and so do not have a solid foundation for higher Maths subjects. Another reason is that they may have an embarrassing experience in their school classroom related to the subject. Perhaps they may have tried to ask for assistance from their school teacher, but were refused because the teacher wanted to rush through a packed, tight syllabus.

Whatever the reason is, our tutors will help overcome your child’s fear of Maths by doing an intensive review of the basics. They will not bombard your child with complex Maths terms and just leave it at that. They will explain these terms and concepts in simple language, even the hard stuff. Knowing that your child is already experiencing difficulties, they will remain professional at all times. Always offering assistance, but never raising their voice or giving insults. Ever patient, our tutors will not rush through the study plan. Our motto is: “No child will be left behind.” The entire class will not advance to the next topic until they have mastered the current topic. 

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Our tutors can help maintain interest in Maths.

Kids who already harbor a strong dislike for Maths may nod off in class or divert their minds elsewhere. Our tutors can help your child develop and maintain an interest in Maths. It is not enough to give them Maths problems to solve. Our tutors can turn such learning activities into games that students can enjoy. In addition, our tutors encourage their students to think “out of the box”. Using the concepts that they have already learned, students are asked to solve problems in their own way. Many times, the tutors at our Maths tutoring Sydney Inner West center have been surprised by the way our students have solved difficult Maths equations in ways not shown in textbooks. 

Our tutors are inspirational.

Boredom is one reason why kids don’t do well in Maths. Many teachers just rattle off numbers and equations like a robot, without giving an explanation that is easier to understand or applying it to real life situations. 

Our tutors teach Maths with a passion and enthusiasm that kids ultimately develop in themselves. They are able to apply even the most complex equations to real life, making them more understandable. Also, because of their strong love for Maths, they inspire their students to love the subject as well.

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