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In our experience at Maths tutoring Sydney Primary schoolkids, we at Growth Academy are often faced with sulky or weepy children during the first assessment prior to enrolling with us. All of them ask the same question: “Why do I need to learn Maths?”

We understand their frustration because Maths is a very challenging subject, but one that reaps great rewards and immense satisfaction when mastered.

So, to your kids we answer why do you need to learn Maths?


Maths is Everywhere

Take a look around you and you will see that Maths is practically everywhere, and not just in your textbook. You see numbers in the grocery store, in the documents that your parents bring home from the office, in the websites you frequently visit, etc.

Maths, like English, is a language all on its own. Primarily, Maths define quantity, like how many comic books you have or how many pieces of candy you want to buy. Maths is also about currency. Without the numbers, you wouldn’t know how much a thing costs or, more importantly, figure out whether you’re being cheated when buying or selling something.

Let’s face it! Maths is a part of your daily living whether you want it or not.

Maths is Good for Your Brain

Because it is a challenging subject, Maths is actually good for brain growth and development. Whenever you try to solve a Maths problem, you utilise a greater part of the cortical region of your brain and create networks. The result is that you not only start to excel in Maths, but also in other cognitive functions, such as memory, perception, reasoning, and judgment.

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Maths Helps Develop Analytical Thinking

The reason why basic Maths concepts are being taught is because you need the foundation to develop analytical thinking. At our Maths tutoring Sydney Primary School center, we are not just talking about analysing and figuring out textbook solutions. We teach and help you to understand these concepts because we want you to analyse the problem for yourself and come up with a solution based on the concepts you’ve learned. Outside of the tutoring session, you can apply analytical thinking to any problem that you will face, not just in Maths.

Maths Helps You to Manage Your Finances in the Future

Yes, being kids, they are sure to say, “But I’m not working yet. Why would I need to manage my money?” Learning Maths as it applies to money at an early age enables you to handle your allowance wisely. For example, you want to buy that new video game, but you don’t want to starve in school. You figure out how much of your allowance you should save for that game, without sacrificing the essentials, like food. Learning financial management early helps you to recognise the value of saving in order to prevent major losses in the future.

Maths is a Part of Every Future Career

No matter what career you choose to go into in the future, Maths will always be a part of it in one way or another. If you’re thinking of going into a computer or information technology related career, you need to be good at Maths in order to analyse and interpret the many algorithms that enable technology to function properly.

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