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Whenever a parent seeks to hire a Maths tutor, it is usually because their kids are barely passing the subject and want to see them get a better grade. Better grades mean improved chances at passing the NAPLAN and, later, the HSC exams, which could lead to better course choices in college. 

However, as the tutors of Growth Academy – a Maths tutoring Western Sydney based company – have learned, there are other, lesser known reasons why parents choose to hire a Maths tutor for their children.

Let us take a look at these reasons one by one.

MATHS TUTORING WESTERN SYDNEY – Why Parents Hire a Maths Tutor

Rebuilding their Maths Foundation

In many cases, children have been found to have a very weak Maths foundation to begin with. They have not fully mastered the basic Maths – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division – and the concepts behind them. This makes it very difficult for them to move on to the higher concepts of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, etc.

Tutoring centers can help in rebuilding this foundation by starting from scratch, teaching the basic Maths again but in a way that makes it easier for kids to understand. At Growth Academy, our study plans cannot allow transition to higher Maths until the students have mastered the basics.

Too Big Class Sizes

In some cases, parents are not happy with the regular classroom sizes that have 20 students. They feel that their kids are not being given the individualised attention that they deserve, which is often the case because teachers are more pressured to fulfill the strict scheduling requirements of the school syllabus.

At Maths tutoring Western Sydney based centers, tutoring sessions are kept to three to five children at the most. This makes it more convenient for the tutor to address difficulties that kids are having in certain topics before they move on. 

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Getting a Head Start with Future Maths Topics

Not all kids who are enrolled in tutoring centers are struggling in their Maths classes. Some are overachievers in the subject, who feel that their regular school classes are not moving fast enough for them. They want to move on, but they are kept behind by their other classmates.

Tutors can help these kids by teaching them the next topics in advance. Not only does this prepare them for when the topic will be taught in the classroom, it also eases the stress and frustration that they are feeling because they cannot advance.

Aids in Transition

There are occasions wherein families move from one part of Australia to another. Some families even immigrate Down Under from a different country altogether. For kids, they might find it difficult to adjust to a new Maths curriculum that is different from the school they were once enrolled in. 

Tutors can help your child make the transition by teaching any past lessons they have missed so that they can keep up with the new syllabus.

A Maths tutoring Western Sydney center like Growth Academy is always ready to give your child that Maths education he/she needs, no matter what your reasons are. Book an assessment with us today and learn about our tutoring sessions!

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