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Let’s face it. In our childhood, we hated Maths subjects with a passion. Unless your child has the makings of becoming the next Albert Einstein or Alan Turing, he or she may also be dreading their Maths classes in school.

Even if your child is struggling with Maths at present, it is not too late for them to develop the appreciation for or learn to love the subject. At Growth Academy – a leading Maths tutors Sydney-based tutoring center – our tutors can instill the love of Maths in your child.

How can our tutors fulfill this ambitious goal?

MATHS TUTORS SYDNEY – Growth Academy Instills the Love of Maths in Your Child

1) They have both the education and teaching backgrounds.

Our tutors’ teaching credentials speak for themselves. At our Sydney center, we thoroughly assess our tutors’ CVs. Not only should they have higher grades in Maths subjects; they should also have acquired a number of years in teaching these same subjects as full-fledged teachers/professors or as tutors.

2) Possess awareness of the challenges in teaching Maths

Maths is a technical, and thus challenging, subject to teach to children and teenagers. As such, our tutors should be aware of the challenges in teaching the subject. They should be able to adjust and adapt themselves to the academic needs of your kids. In doing so, they can tailor a customised, individualised study plan that will directly address your child’s problem areas.

3) They should be professional and patient.

Because they serve as representatives of our Maths tutors Sydney-based tutoring centers, Growth Academy emphasises the need for our tutors to be professional in their dealings with both students and their parents. Shouting and cussing is forbidden in a tutoring session. Our tutors are the epitome of patience, discussing the subject matter thoroughly until the student has mastered it.  

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4) They are always positive and encouraging.

Even when your child makes a mistake in solving a Maths problem, our tutors are always positive. They will clearly explain to your child where they had made a mistake and how to correct it. There is no room for frustration in our tutoring sessions. Our tutors will always encourage your child to perform better, not only during tutoring sessions, but also in their regular classes in school.

5) They promote the development of an analytical mind.

The great thing about Growth Academy’s tutors is that they think beyond the solutions that are printed in textbooks. While they teach the basics of each Maths subjects, our tutors strive to develop analytical minds in every child. It should come as no surprise, therefore, to have our students analyse and answer Maths problems in short steps while others go through numerous computations before arriving at the same answer.

6) Their love for Maths is contagious!

Our tutors love Maths so much that their enthusiasm for the subject is contagious. It is because of their strong passion for numbers that they make it easy for our students to understand even the most difficult Maths concepts. Such is their enthusiasm that even our students ultimately lose their fear of Maths and learn to love the subject.

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