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There are two sides to an excellent Maths learning experience with a Maths tutors Western Sydney tutoring center like Growth Academy. On one side, you have the students and parents, whose happy and productive learning experiences are shared through our reviews and testimonials. The other side, that of our Maths tutors, is something that is less spoken about.

Nevertheless, no tutoring experience is complete without the knowledge and expertise of our Maths tutors. So, what is it like to be a tutor with Growth Academy?

MATHS TUTORS WESTERN SYDNEY – What It's Like to Be a Tutor with Growth Academy

1) Thorough Screening

At Growth Academy, we don’t just hire any tutor to join our center. They have undergone strict and thorough screening to ensure that they possess the knowledge, skills, and, most importantly, the professionalism to teach a challenging subject like Maths.

It is important that our tutor has the credentials to teach not just a level or two of Maths. They should be equipped to teach all levels of Maths or, at the very least, a level or two higher than the school grade they will be teaching. The reason for this is that, once our students have mastered the Maths concepts at their present grade level, they can already advance to higher concepts. So, their assigned tutors must also keep up with the students.

2) Professionalism

Some of our students have had traumatic experiences in their regular classrooms, in the form of a bullying teacher or an embarrassing incident in class. Incidents like these will never happen during our tutoring sessions. Our tutors are professionals who understand that their tutor-student relationship with your child is vital to their success. As such, you can count on them to answer any questions patiently. They won’t shout or cuss or get frustrated if your child is struggling with a topic. In fact, they won’t move on to the next topic, until our tutor is certain your child and his/her classmates have fully grasped the lesson.

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3) Individualised instruction

Our tutors know that every child who enters a session at our Maths tutors Western Sydney center may have difficulties in the current or past topics. In these cases, they will sit down with your child and teach them on a one-on-one basis. If it’s not just one child who is having a problem, what our tutors will do is come up with a study plan so that all of these difficulties can be addressed during a tutoring session.

4) Motivational and Inspirational Tutors

Nothing can drive a child to study Maths more effectively than a tutor that is brimming with enthusiasm for the subject. As difficult as Maths may be, our tutors patiently teach the concepts and then encourage them to think “out of the box” when solving equations. Many times, our tutors were surprised by students who have answered difficult Maths problems using concepts and techniques that are different from the ones described in the textbooks. Such is the motivational and inspirational aura that our tutors exude that they transfer their love and enthusiasm for Maths to our students.

Meet the talented and inspirational tutors of Growth Academy by booking an assessment with us today! We will be very happy to meet you and your child at our Maths tutors Western Sydney center.

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