What’s the secret to unlocking your child’s creative potential? It turns out it’s maths...

Welcome to Growth Academy Maths: Our Approach

The Growth Academy Maths programme focuses on helping youngsters develop their number sense so that they may properly comprehend math. The content of our Maths tutoring plans follows the school curriculum, so you can be assured that everything learned will be relevant and useful to your child.

Students attend our centre as many times as they like throughout the week, the more the merrier!

This is done in a 3-step ongoing process: Assessments, customised learning plan, teaching for understanding.

1. Assessment

2. Customised Learning Plan

3. Teaching

Our 3-Step Process:


All Growth Academy students begin by taking a personalised examination to determine their specific learning needs. We meet them where they are and transport them to their destination. Growth Academy's innovative evaluation process pinpoints exactly what each child knows and needs to learn (with pinpoint precision). Our assessment identifies each individual skill area that must be learned, ensuring that pupils do not waste time repeating ideas they already understand. Assessments will continue throughout your child's Growth Academy experience. These tests are performed on a regular basis to check that your child is making progress and that the skills he or she has learned are retained.

Customised Learning Plan

After that, we create a personalised learning plan to teach the ideas that the learner needs to grasp. The learning plan defines the arithmetic topics required to satisfy your child's individual learning objectives. To guarantee that your child understands these principles, we use a combination of exclusive materials and teaching methods.

Specially Trained, Caring People Who Teach

The learning plan is implemented by Growth Academy's specially trained instructors, who work with each student to ensure that they master the topic. We want to be present when the learning takes place, hence we don't assign homework and all instruction takes place during the Growth Academy session. Our math tutors provide a nurturing, encouraging environment in which students can thrive and learn! All instructors must complete a thorough maths screening that assesses their mathematical reasoning, knowledge with our approach, and ability to communicate complicated concepts in a way that students can understand. Along with ongoing training and professional development, our maths instructors explain topics clearly, even the difficult ones.