Professional Online Tutoring In Australia

With Growth Academy online tutoring you don’t need to travel to a centre. Your child simply logs in from home and connects with a qualified tutor in real time.

Your child will be able to see and talk with their tutor using our interactive software. We use specific tools created for online such as the interactive white board and message board to make it feel just like a face to face session. They use the same learning materials that would be used in a centre. It’s so convenient and all you need is a computer, webcam, head set and a reliable internet connection.

growth academy Workbooks

Workbooks meticulously prepared by our expert senior staff and provide exam relevant questions for both classwork and homework. These booklets ensure students study what is important and relevant so they gain an in-depth understanding of the subject matter and prepared for exam success.


Study what’s relevant and be tested on what’s relevant. Weekly or fortnightly assessments to check your child’s progress with timely written or verbal feedback given.

Online videos

Missed a lesson or forget a key concept, go back and watch past lessons to review work at your convenience!

Online Learning platform

Log in, study, practice and learn at your own pace. Our tutors customize what you see and monitor how you progress. With thousands of tutorial videos to watch and prizes for completing exercises, students can take advantage of our online learning platforms with no restriction on how many hours you complete or how many videos you watch.

Essay Marking service

For students wishing to perfect their essays before exams and assessment tasks, we offer Essay and Assignment Marking Services. Your essay will be marked by the same tutors that teach our classes. Full commentary on areas of improvement will be provided (only available to enrolled senior high school English students)


Homework is distributed weekly ensuring students practice the skills learnt in class.


Student attendance, homework completion, assessment scores and understanding of content taught is recorded on a weekly basis for parents to monitor their child’s progress

Holiday workshops

From beating procrastination, to public speaking, to NAPLAN courses, to intensive crash courses in Mathematics and English. We got it covered with our wide range of school holiday workshops.

Online Resources

For students who want extra resources, hundreds of past papers with worked solutions are provided online, a great asset for any HSC student.

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Schools Our Students Attend

Primary (Year 5 & 6)

No lock-in contract
$ 35 Week
  • 1-Hour Class
  • Maths OR English
  • Weekly classes

High School (Years 7 - 10)

No lock-in contract
$ 45 Week
  • 1.5-Hour Class
  • Maths OR English
  • Weekly Classes

High School (Years 11 & 12)

No lock-in contract
$ 65 Week
  • 2-Hour Class
  • Math/ English/ Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology
  • Weekly Classes

Why Growth academy Online?


Each and every Growth Academy Tutor goes through a thorough and extensive training program. They’re not just picked just because of their results. They’re chosen for their character.

Our Tutors are passionate and vibrant people who always keep their students’ welfare in mind. With these elements combined, they are able to give students a unique experience which makes their learning truly memorable.

Face to Face Tuition

It’s live, fun, interactive, face to face tutoring with a qualified teacher via your computer screen. Students attend class via a virtual classroom that has been custom made and is at the forefront of best practice for online education

Convenience of Home

Parents don’t need to battle traffic. Students engage in their own home, in an environment that can be controlled and maximised for effective learning.


Students from over 120 schools, tutored over 50,000 hours and trusted by over 2,000 students. We know how to get results, our numerous awards, raving parents and successful students are our results. Your success is our success!


Feel like you’re drowning in information from school and the internet? At times, it can be overwhelming and you can lose sight of what is necessary to learn. At Growth Academy, we simplify the information and process for consuming knowledge by showing you how to cut through the clutter and look at what’s relevant

Cutting-Edge Technology

Features of the online classroom include an interactive whiteboard that allows for real time communication and dynamic learning – loved by students who enjoy engaging with new technology.

Student Testimonials

Luka RazlogStudent
Read More
Awesome tutors who make the class engaging and fun. They have definitely helped me prepare for all my maths and english assessments, would highly recommend.
Natalie RacoStudent
Read More
All teachers have been extremely thoughtful and considerate during the transition to online learning making it much easier to continue on with work and not fall behind.
Matthew DeOliveiraStudent
Read More
My experience at Growth Academy can cleanly be summarised as a positive one. The teaching staff is highly engaging and well equipped with different levels of explanation for each topic covered. I would highly recommend their teaching services to anyone looking to gain assistance in any area of school learning with classes covering Mathematics and English all the way through to Chemistry and Physics, all of which I actually attended myself. Definitely turned my marks around and helped increase my dedication to my studies.
Matthew GačićStudent
Read More
At Growth Academy, I found the culture that was exemplified there did indeed match their name. With emphasis on dedication and consistency, continual occurrence of workshops; and combination of excellent tutoring methods and resources, I ultimately found that my approach towards studying effectively benefited in a holistic manner. Would recommend to anyone that is in need of effective support for their studies
Ayse AtalayStudent
Read More
Growth Academy provides education of exceptional quality and is heavily focused on student development. The extra workshop classes, in conjunction with the weekly sessions, definitely enhanced my overall academic performance. The tutors are highly motivating and work wholeheartedly to encourage students in reaching their full potential. The small class structure allows for individualised feedback, as well as maintaining an uplifting and motivating atmosphere. Would definitely recommend!
Read More
Growth Academy is by far the best tutoring center in Sydney. They have the best staff who assist you in a variety of subjects. I have gone to Step Ahead ever since I was in year 2 and now I am in my first year in university, doing something I have always wanted, but thought it was too difficult to achieve. Coming to Growth Academy allows you to make out of school connections, with different types of students and create new friendships. Thank you Growth Academy. Without your enduring support, I wouldn't have gotten this far!
affan bachmidStudent
Read More
Helped me out from year 10 all the way till year 12 in regards to English and maths, honestly wouldn’t have gotten the mark that I’ve gotten if it wasn’t for the tutors provided. Great tutors and even better people overall! Thank you Growth Academy. Without your enduring support, I wouldn't have gotten this far!
nicholas yakoStudent
Read More
Growth Academy were a major factor in my success during my HSC period. The teachers are very helpful and encouraging of all students, the atmosphere is inviting for all students to engage in the content and with each other to assist and teach. I would highly recommend Growth Academy to students going through their own HSC as it will provide an extra resource in order to gain the best results possible. Thank you Growth Academy. Without your enduring support, I wouldn't have gotten this far!


Most frequent questions and answers

You can enrol directly on our website through our online enrolment process. During this process, we’ll ask you a few simple questions and recommend a learning program to suit your needs. If you have any questions, you can contact our Learning Advisors on 0414862768 or [email protected]

Yes. Our Education Team maps all our content to the Australian Curriculum. All content is relevant to your child’s school syllabus and what they’re covering in the classroom.

Yes. During your child’s first online session your tutor will gauge their level of skills and knowledge and identify any strengths and weaknesses they have. We then customise a personalised learning plan for the student, tailored to their areas of need. This plan is updated after every learning session.

You don’t need any special software or downloads for your Online Learning tutoring sessions, just a laptop or computer with an internet connection, audio and a web cam. We provide everything else. The sessions are always live, in real time and interactive.

The online platform runs on Windows or Mac desktop and laptop computers. In addition, a mouse, camera, microphone and speaker are required. A digital pen may also be useful. Our platform does work on mobile devices, however, it is highly recommended to use a PC.

When you enrol, we’ll send you a link to our learning platform, and run some tests to make sure everything’s working before your first online session.

Minimum system requirements for running the online classes:

Windows computers

Windows 10 (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7)
1 GHz processor

Firefox – Latest version
Chrome – Latest version

Mac computers

Mac OS X 10.9
1 GHz Intel processor (Core 2 Duo)

Firefox – Latest version
Chrome – Latest version

Generally, children of all ages respond very well working with their personal tutor on our online platform as most of them already use similar the technology at school. Our personalised approach and regular reporting after each session provide students (and parents) with confidence. 

In most cases, it’s even better! In addition to high quality tutors, live online face-to-face sessions and personalised content, our A.I platform measures every interaction we have with a student – ensuring a consistent, quality experience for our students. Access to regular reports and video recordings means you’re always across your child’s progress. You also have flexibility and control over when you have your tutoring sessions.

Every tutoring session is designed to be very interactive with their private expert tutor guiding the student through theory, worked examples and practice questions. Integrated video and audio communication is two way, which is the most effective method of learning. Our tutoring platform encourages high levels of engagement and focus for children of all ages.

We offer 1-to-1, and small group tutoring. You have the option to choose which mode best suits your child’s needs.

Yes, you can start by committing only to two sessions. But keep in mind that a reasonable part of the first session revolves around getting to know your tutor, introducing the platform and learning content, and your tutor understanding your needs. The first session is less content intensive than subsequent sessions, hence students should do at least two sessions to start with. If you are unhappy or decide this is not for you after the first two sessions, we are happy to provide a full refund.

We highly recommend students not to miss any class to take maximum benefit from our classes. Since most classes prepare students well ahead of their school syllabus, missing a class will result in students falling behind their peers. We are serious about results and want the best for your child and as a condition of enrolment, students who miss more than two classes per term will be disenrolled and their position will be given to a student on the waiting list.

In the case that a student is sick, Step Ahead Coaching must be notified before class by SMS or phone. Step Ahead Coaching may be able to organize a makeup lesson. Due to the scheduling and structure of classes, a makeup lesson may or may not be allocated in normal class times.

Contact our Customer Care team on 0414862768 or [email protected] 

Each and every Step Ahead Tutor goes through a thorough and extensive training program. They’re not just picked just because of their results. They’re chosen for their character.
Our Tutors are passionate and vibrant people who always keep their students’ welfare in mind. With these elements combined, they are able to give students a unique experience which makes their learning truly memorable.

We aim to book the same Step Ahead tutor for each session your child has. If your tutor is on leave or your availability changes, we’ll match you with another suitable tutor and update them on your child’s progress. We keep in touch regularly to discuss your tutor preferences, and any potential changes.

Payments are made online, via monthly direct debit.