1. Enrolment Fee
At the time of enrolment, a one off enrolment fee of $55 applies.

2 Attendance
Students are expected to attend all their Classes during the scheduled time and day in which they are enrolled. If a student fails to attend more than two more classes during a term, they may risk being disenrolled. Students are not permitted to change Classes once their enrolment is completed and requests for one-off class changes will not be entered into. In the case that a student is sick, Growth Academy must be notified before class by SMS or phone. Growth Academy may be able to organize a makeup lesson. Due to the scheduling and structure of classes, a makeup lesson may or may not be allocated. A credit of 1 per term may be allowed for students who are sick, provided a medical certificate is submitted. Unexplained absences will not be credited nor refunded. A 2-week notice is required for any planned absence or cancellation/pause.

3 Behaviour
Students are expected to be on their best behaviour at all times, and must be dressed neatly and appropriately whilst on Growth Academy premises. Mobile phones are not allowed in class and are to be switched off or on silent. If a parent or guardian needs to get in contact with a student whilst they are in class, they should contact the front desk on 91606244. A teacher reserves the right to ask a student to leave the class if they are engaging in disruptive behaviour during the duration of the class. Any students, who conduct themselves in an anti-social manner towards other students or staff, may be asked to leave immediately. We reserve the right to cancel a student’s enrolment if the inappropriate behaviour persists. This guarantees the safety of other students and our staff whilst on our premises.

4 Refund Policy
As per our money-back guarantee, students who are not satisfied after their first lesson are entitled to a full refund provided they notify Growth Academy prior to the commencement of their second lesson. A refund will not be provided after your second lesson and fees will be due for the remainder of the term.

5 Direct Debit
Growth Academy uses a third party for direct debit payment processing. By completing this form, you agree to receive email and SMS reminders for upcoming payments, as well as incurring any Setup fees, Dishonour fees, Reminder fees and standard on-charge Processing fees.

6 Commitment
Students are expected to attend all their Classes during the scheduled time and day in which they are enrolled. If a student fails to attend more than two classes during a term, they may risk being disenrolled. Students are expected to complete all homework & revise work on a regular basis. We reserve the right to cancel a student’s enrolment if homework is at an unsatisfactory level or not completed. Only one warning is given upon which Parent/Guardians are notified. All Students must come prepared to class with all books and necessary stationery.

7 Personal Information
Each student attending Growth Academy is required to submit personal details which are kept confidential. Changes to this information must be provided as soon as possible. Inaccurate or incomplete information being provided intentionally may result in the non-acceptance of an enrolment or cancellation of an existing enrolment.

8 External Examination Results
Growth Academy requests that its students provide school exam 📷results, HSC results, photographs and ATAR by phone or email. Growth Academy reserves the right to advertise names, results and photographs for promotional purposes, but will remove them at the request of the parent or guardian.

9 Resources
Course resources vary from year to year. As part of enrollment, students will be given resources and cost is dependent on subject and grade. Replacement of lost resources will be at the discretion of the Academic Heads. Please note that there is a charge involved with such replacements.
Growth Academy does not sell its resources as they are exclusive to students enrolled in the respective course/s. Students not enrolled in the course/s forfeit their right to retain these resources as they are the property of Growth Academy.

10 Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
The student’s information provided is used for a variety of purposes including:
– Student administration
– Student surveys
– Promotional campaigns
– The provision of a safe environment for students

Personal information may be shared with other sectors ofGrowth Academy for administrative purposes. Growth Academy undertakes not to sell, rent or trade student’s personal information. We will not disclose information about the student unless the disclosure is:
– Required by the law
– Authorized by the law
– The parent/guardian has consented in writing to our disclosing of the student’s information through the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the program for which they have applied.

It is possible that Growth Academy may utilize third-party suppliers from time to time to conduct specialized activities such as mail-outs.

These suppliers act on behalf of Growth Academy and do not facilitate their own commercial agendas whilst processing any personal information. While personal information may be provided to these agents to enable them to perform their agreed tasks, such information remains the property of Growth Academy at all times. The supplying organizations involved are bound by specific confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

11 Special Offers
From time to time, there may be special (promotional) offers. Each of our special offers will have its own terms and conditions, and you must refer to the respective terms and conditions before accepting the offer. Any special offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.

12 Declaration
I declare that the information supplied to Growth Academy in support of this application for enrolment is complete and correct to the best of my understanding and belief. I understand that the purposeful giving of false, misleading or incomplete information may lead to the refusal of acceptance or cancellation of enrolment. I understand that the fees may increase and accept the liability for the payment of all fees as explained in the Growth Academy info pack or website. I agree that payment must be made to secure enrolment. I agree to abide by the Growth Academy Academic Rules as published and updated on the website from time to time.

Direct Debits fees:
$0.88 from bank accounts
$0.88+ 1.87% MSF from credit cards
$5.50 per bank account dishonour
$5.50 per credit card dishonour
$0.35 per debit reminder