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Of all the levels of your child’s educational growth and development, Primary School – starting from Kindergarten to Grades One to Six – is considered to be the most important and the most critical level. It is because Primary School is the level wherein the basic knowledge foundations are laid before transitioning to higher concepts.

The problem is that Maths is a difficult, challenging subject for most children. Unfortunately, for these kids who are struggling in their Maths studies, they are forced to keep up with a tight syllabus that their teachers follow. This same strict timetable also prevents teachers from giving their students the one-on-one instruction that they need. Even if these kids do get a passing grade, the result is a very shaky Maths foundation that can carry on through High School and college.

At Growth Academy – a Primary School Maths tutoring Sydney-based company – we believe that a Maths tutor is invaluable during this phase of your child’s educational development.

Here are some important points that you need to know about Growth Academy.

PRIMARY SCHOOL MATHS TUTORING SYDNEY – Where Your Child's Maths Foundation Begins

Ideal Environment Conducive for Learning

Our Primary School Maths tutoring Sydney center is located in a quiet suburb, so that sessions are not interrupted by the noise of busy traffic. With fewer distractions from the environment, it allows for faster learning and improved knowledge retention.

Smaller Classes Mean One-On-One Instruction

Growth Academy keeps our tutoring classes small, consisting of five kids at the most. The smaller class size makes it easier for our tutors to provide individualised instruction to our students. This one-on-one teaching is especially vital in a difficult subject like Maths wherein each student may have problems with specific topics or concepts.


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Employ Competitive Teaching Strategies

As early as the assessment, our tutors ask parents and their kids which specific areas of Maths they are having difficulty with. By identifying these weaknesses early on, our tutors can have them join sessions with kids who share the same difficulties, and come up with a study plan that can address these problem areas. To help them in their studies, our students are given access to Growth Academy exclusive reference materials, both as physical books in our library and on our digital platform. Most important of all, our tutors will not proceed to the next topic until they are sure that your kids have fully grasped the current subject matter.

Impeccable Teaching Credentials

With Maths being the challenging subject that it is, we make sure that our teachers have the best educational backgrounds and teaching credentials. State tutoring associations require tutors to have credentials that are one level higher than the Maths level that they are teaching. But at Growth Academy, we prefer that our tutors be adept at teaching ALL levels of Maths. The reason for this is that, when our tutors have seen that their students have mastered the Maths concepts for their level, they can advance them to higher concepts. This eliminates the need to transfer them to another tutor.

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