Public Speaking Wombats

Mixed Experience: Years 3 - 4

A one-hour weekly program designed to change every term and challenge both beginner and experienced students across a range of speaking styles.

Student to Teacher Ratio 9:1

Course Objectives

    • Give students lots of chances to practice and receive individualised feedback in a supportive environment.

    • Help students leverage their own life experiences to inspire more engaging presentations.

    • Help students develop a much greater understanding of how enjoyable public speaking can be!

Dates: Saturday 4th of May to 29th of June(9 weeks)

Time: 12:15pm to 1:15pm

Or 1:15pm to 2:15pm

Price: $288

Course Overview

Key Features

  • Runs over shorter, one-hour weekly sessions
  • Focuses on developing speaking skills through spending the majority of each session preparing and presenting speeches
  • Similar structure each week – students begin with an activity, run through a new piece of theory and consolidate with a practical speaking task
  • Priority is placed on creating a supportive and nurturing learning environment
  • Small classes to ensure maximum practice time and individualised feedback from experienced coaches

Term Focuses

The content changes every term, so there’s always plenty to keep students keen on developing their skills!

Our focuses for each term are:

  • Term #1 – Speech Structure Essentials;
  • Term #2 – Storytelling Essentials;
  • Term #3 – Manner Essentials; and
  • Term #4 – Reporting Essentials.

Writing speeches can be hard – from conceptualising the idea to structuring it, every part of the speech needs to be thought-provoking and hence structuring the speech becomes crucial!

That’s where the Speech Structure Essentials stream of the Joeys program comes in – each class is designed to combine a speaking activity, a new piece of theory relating to speech structure and a practical task to solidify that week’s concept! Public speaking can only be improved by taking on opportunities to present – with this in mind, the focus for the Joeys program is developing students’ speaking skills by spending nearly the entire session preparing and presenting speeches, with a particular focus on speech structure in Term #1.

If students would like a little more challenge, the two-hour weekly Public Speaking Wombats and Debating Wallabies programs will also go through more advanced theoretical content at a faster pace!

Who Should Do This Program?

Our Speaking Skills Joeys course is a mixed-level program for students in Years 3 & 4, and caters for:

  • Students who have no public speaking experience (who can join from any term during the year – there’s no requirement to join in January);
  • Students who have already completed up to 3 terms of Speaking Skills Cubs or Speaking Skills Joeys (the focus changes every term, so there’s no repetition of content across the entire year);
  • Students who have been completing our Public Speaking Wombats program, which follows the same focuses across each term; and
  • Students who have given our holiday workshops (such as Speaking Camp Koalas) a go, and are looking to continue their speaking skills journey!

Each term of the Joeys program has its own focus – whether that be speech structure essentials or storytelling essentials – meaning that students don’t repeat content even if they remain in the Joeys program across the entire year.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss what’s best for your child, or check out our video below to see how our term program progressions work!

What Are The Main objectives of this program?

Revision of Fundamental Concepts

The program starts with a succinct (but important) revision of essential concepts, including audience engagement and speech structure. This helps set students up for the rest of the program and ensures that everyone starts on a similar level.


Speech Structure Essentials

After going through the basics, the next couple of sessions look at how to create engaging and structured speeches by focusing on essential components such as introductions, conclusions, and specifically body paragraphs! Students are guided through activities to help them understand how to create organised and compelling body paragraphs and how to utilise the structures in their own work.

Practice Speeches and Interactive Activities

The remainder of the program takes them through a range of practice speeches and specifically designed activities that will help enhance their presentation skills. These skills are varied and include body language, verbal manner, and much more, and are reinforced through regular practice speeches and constructive feedback!

Coach Updates

The term ends with a coach update – an opportunity for parents to meet with coaches and learn about their child’s progress as well as having any and all of their questions answered.

How Big Is The Class?

Our classes vary in size for every program depending on how many bookings we receive – however, the maximum size of our Speaking Skills Joeys class is around nine students with one coach.

If there aren’t any spots left, it’s usually because we’ve hit capacity – please get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do about either opening an extra class, fitting your child into the existing class, or putting you on a waitlist in case any students pull out!

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