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As parents, you want to be assured that your child is getting the best education. However, there are cases wherein they will need supplemental assistance in the form of a tutor. This is especially true if your kid/s are struggling in certain subjects or they want to be assured of higher marks in national or state-level exams, like the HSC.

Therefore, finding a good Sydney tutoring centre is a must if you want your child to catch up or get ahead in their academics.

What to look for in a Sydney Tutoring Centre

1) Location of the Tutoring Centre

Obviously, your search for a tutoring centre should begin in the areas near your home. You would want to enrol your child in a centre that is accessible to make travel to and from it easier and safer.

Take note also of the environment wherein the centre is located. If it is near noisy and busy streets, the noise may be distracting during classes. Also consider the neighborhood and the security of the centre. After all, you want to ensure the safety of your child.

2) Credentials of the Tutoring Centre

Consider looking into the credentials of the centre itself. Most reputable Sydney tutoring centres have websites that provide information on the educational programs they offer. Most parents would choose to enrol their kids in more established centres with years of experience. However, don’t overlook new tutoring centres as well since they may also provide services and programs that are of interest to your child.

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3) Teaching Credentials of the Tutors

You would like to know the tutors who will be teaching your child. For this reason, tutoring centres ensure that the teachers they hire have impeccable teaching backgrounds and experience.

Of course, they should also possess the right temperament since they will be teaching students who are struggling in their schoolwork. So they should always be professional, patient, and kind to all students under their wings.

4) Check the Class Size

The problem with regular school classrooms is that the average number of students per class in Australia is 23-24. This number does not allow sufficient time for teaching kids that are having difficulty in certain subjects. More often than not, teachers just breeze through the subject matter at hand – without knowing whether their students have understood them or not – in order to move on to the next topic.

In contrast, the number of students in tutoring classes are kept small. This allows for more personal interactions between teachers and students, so that problem areas are addressed immediately in class. In addition, because of this more intimate set-up, tutors don’t have to rush through a syllabus. They make sure that EVERYONE in class has mastered the topic before moving on.

5) Money Back Guarantee with Your First Lesson

The best way to gauge the services of a Sydney tutoring centre is to have your child attend a lesson. After the lesson, ask your child how she enjoyed the tutoring class, what their classmates were like, and what they have learned. Even more important is to find out if they have clearly understood what was taught in class.

If your child is unhappy with the first lesson or if their difficulties were not readily addressed, the tutoring centre guarantees full money back on the lesson.

If you are looking for a Sydney tutoring centre for your child, please consider booking an assessment with Growth Academy. We will be more than happy to show you the services our professional tutors have to offer.

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