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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has served as an eye-opener for global education providers. With the closure of schools, there is the growing concern of how students can continue to learn, especially with many parents feeling not up to the task of homeschooling. Even if schools do open again, there is still the fear that kids might catch this terrible virus, considering the fact that no conclusive treatments have been found and neither has an effective vaccine been developed yet.

However, COVID-19 is not the only factor that can disrupt education. For this reason, education governing bodies should adopt measures that will allow for continuing education during times of crisis. One such measure that should be adopted is tutoring. In fact, in major Australian cities like Sydney, tutoring is being seen as the solution to the education problem in this period of COVID-19.

What makes Sydney tutoring a viable option in times of crisis?

Sydney Tutoring in Times of Crisis

1) Flexibility of schedules

Unlike regular schools which require students to attend classes daily, tutoring sessions are given on a weekly basis at times that fit the student’s schedule. During crises wherein regular education systems are down, tutoring sessions can be increased to 3 times a week.

2) More convenient management of tutoring centers

Because tutoring centers deal with smaller populations of students, crisis management is easier and more convenient for them. For example, during the present pandemic, maintenance and janitorial staff can go about cleaning and disinfecting the premises in between classes because of the flexible schedules. Social distancing can also be accomplished easily because there are only four to five students per class. Aside from the wearing of face masks, face shields, and other PPEs, tutors and center staff can promote other health habits, such as the teaching of proper handwashing and making certain that soap and hand sanitizers are always available for everyone’s use.

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3) Availability of online tutoring platforms

More than regular schools, tutoring centers are active users of online platforms. This is in line to maintain contact with their students even outside of class, so that any problems they have can be readily addressed. With COVID-19, tutoring centers are utilising these online platforms more and more. Using Zoom and other teleconferencing or meeting apps, tutoring sessions can still be done in the comforts of the students’ homes. Tutoring centers have also opened up their digital libraries, enabling students to access learning resources and other reference materials.

4) Tutoring promotes truth and hope in times of crisis

During this COVID-19 outbreak, there is an unprecedented release of fake news and misinformation, causing fear among parents and students alike. Because tutoring centers pride themselves in providing updated and pertinent information, they can not only be trusted to teach the truth and correct falsehoods being circulated on the Internet; they also serve as beacons of hope in times of fear, anger, and distrust.

As a Sydney tutoring center, we at Growth Academy recognise the critical role that we play during this COVID-19 period and other times of crisis. Whatever crises we may face, it should not prevent us from providing a good education for our children. Email us today and learn more about our educational programs.

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