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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted education systems worldwide. Schools have shut down while there is no treatment or vaccine available. Even in low risk areas, with parents fearful of their children’s health, they preferred to keep them in the safety of their homes.

It is during these trying times that Sydney tutors can step up. In fact, they can be at the forefront of an education revolution, allowing for learning to continue anytime, anywhere, even when there’s a crisis.

Let’s enumerate the roles that tutors play during times of crisis.

SYDNEY TUTORS – The Roles They Play in Times of Crisis

1) Continuing educators

The greatest role that tutors play is that of continuing educators. Even with schools closed, they can still provide children and teenagers with the education they need. The reason for this is that tutoring centers, and even private tutors, have been effectively utilising online platforms for teaching for years now. Thanks to the wealth of information that is available on the Worldwide Web, they don’t just rely on textbooks. They also ensure that they are always updated in the subjects that they teach, thus giving fresh information to their students as well.

2) Correct fake news and misinformation

Because of their online presence, Sydney tutors have seen for themselves the fear and distrust that has arisen among the youth because of fake news and misinformation that is being spread every time there is a crisis, and not just the current outbreak. Tutors are in the position to address these questionable issues, dismiss the lies, and present the truth.

3) Serve as advisors

While tutors often provide advice pertaining to a child’s studies, during distressing times, they can also offer comfort and support on other matters. Children who are suffering from fear and depression can benefit from focus and flow state techniques, which tutors can teach so that they can fix their minds on their studies. Tutors can also start teaching stress management techniques in order to provide relief from anxiety.

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4) Provide a feeling of “normal” even in extraordinary situations

The problem with the COVID-19 outbreak is that it has imposed significant changes in everyone’s lives. But in a child or a teenager, the sudden isolation – not being able to hang out with friends, doing the things they used to do – can come as a shock. The so-called “new normal” is also very restrictive, as characterized by the wearing of face masks and social distancing.

However, having a tutor teaching them – whether still in-person (while observing safety precautions) or online – provides a feeling of “normal”, that things have not changed entirely. That they have someone whom they can rely on to educate them.

5) Serve as beacons of hope

Tutors, with their positive and highly motivated personalities, can serve as beacons of hope to children. Even when the times seem bleak, tutors are there to encourage kids not only with their studies, but also in real life.

The Sydney tutors of Growth Academy can fulfill all these roles for your kids during these trying times. Learn more about us by visiting our website today!

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