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For parents who are searching for a tutor Sydney maths tutoring company Growth Academy may be at the top of your list to check out. If so, we are not surprised. For more than a decade, Growth Academy has emerged as one of the leading tutoring centers in Sydney. We even have the awards and testimonials from happy parents and kids to back up our claim.

So, what makes a Growth Academy tutor a Sydney maths tutoring leader?

TUTOR SYDNEY MATHS – Why Growth Academy is a Leader in Maths Tutoring

Our tutors possess the knowledge, experience, and skills for tutoring maths.

Maths is without a doubt the most challenging subject for all students, not just those enrolled in schools in the Sydney area. Because it is technical in nature even at the most basic maths operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division – students who don’t achieve mastery at the Primary School levels are sure to experience difficulties as they move on to higher maths in High School and college.

At Growth Academy tutor, we make certain that our tutors have the credentials to teach maths at all of its levels. This makes is easier for them to adjust when necessary according to the knowledge base of the student. They can also provide assistance in areas wherein the student is having difficulties. Even if a student says “I don’t know which school lesson I’m having a hard time with” or “Everything about maths is hard for me”, we coordinate with them and their parents, so that we can come up with a customised learning class or study plan that matches their needs.


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Our tutors are seasoned professionals.

Growth Academy takes absolute pride in the professionalism of our tutors. We will not take advantage of you as some private tutors and tutoring centers have done by quitting on your kid and running off with your money. Our tutors will be your child’s partner from the beginning until the time that you wish to terminate our services. More importantly, knowing difficulties that your child is already having with maths, our tutors will not add to their stress by shouting or cursing. Instead, we given them our 100 percent support and encouragement.

Our tutors value your time.

Growth Academy tutors don’t beat around the bush. They create study plans that will tackle specific problem areas during each and every tutoring session. They will not move on to the next topic until every child in the session has fully grasped the lesson. No wasted lessons, no time wasted as well.

You save money.

Growth Academy values the money you spend on your child’s education. For this reason, we offer sibling or group discounts. We are also confident in our tutors’ skills that we also have a money back guarantee in case you or your child is not satisfied with their first lesson. What your child gets is high quality tutoring at a low, reasonable cost.

The end has come for your search for a tutor. Sydney maths tutoring company Growth Academy is ready to give your child the supplemental education he/she needs. Contact us today and book an assessment with us!

We are the Tutor Sydney Maths centre you need!

Growth Academy gives students the instruction and support they need in a stress-free environment conducive to learning. Send your child to a centre that puts the student first. Help your child gain a step ahead.

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