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The world is in an ever constant state of flux and every individual is feeling these changes. However, these changes are felt more intensely by children and teenagers. It could be a minor disruption such as moving to a new home and, with it, a new school. In some cases, it could be a major event of a global scale that affects everyone. The one thing that remains constant and, thus, serves as a grounding point, a fixture through change is education.

Let us take a look at how tutoring centres in Sydney can help your child continue with his/her education no matter what challenging circumstances come their way.

TUTORING CENTRES IN SYDNEY – Meeting the Changing Times

1) Smaller sized classes keeps interactions individualised

The smaller sized classes of tutoring centres in Sydney allow for individualised interactions between the tutor and the students. Remember that each tutoring session accommodates five children at the most. It is much easier for tutors to address a child’s difficulties not only on the subject matter at hand, but also on more personal issues that may be interfering with the child’s studies.

2) You can rely on tutors to give only the facts

The reason why education is a stout pillar even in times of change is because solidly rooted in facts. Even as new discoveries are made and old facts are being replaced by new truths, education, and the information it teaches, remains the cornerstone of truth that every child can depend upon. Knowing that their students are facing uncertainties in their lives, tutors can be relied upon to give them only the facts and make the necessary corrections on whatever matters they hear or read about in the world around them.

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3) Use of online and digital resources

Whereas in the past, schools relied heavily upon print materials, such as textbooks, encyclopedias, and other references, the advent of the Internet and information technology has made it possible for a wealth of information to be available to both tutors and students alike.


Many tutoring centres in Sydney have fully utilised digital learning resources as supplemental materials for their students, making them easy to access at all times. They are no longer just limited to the information that is printed on their textbooks. Students can be readily updated on new knowledge, especially in ever changing fields like Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (also known as STEM). In addition, with tutors being online outside of scheduled sessions, students can contact them via chat or through email and ask questions if certain lessons are not clear to them. Parents can also rely upon tutors to email them reports on their children’s progress in their tutoring sessions.

Growth Academy is the solution to your child’s tutoring needs at any time and at any circumstance. Contact us today and book an assessment with us, so that you can meet our tutors and know about the many services that we are offering. At Growth Academy, your child’s education is of paramount importance to us.

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