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Parents want to ensure that their children will get the best education. However, despite your high expectations, you must be prepared for the possibility that your child may find certain subjects difficult. In these cases, he/she may benefit from the supplemental education being provided by tutoring centres Sydney-based companies.

Here’s how you go about searching for the right tutoring centre for your child.

TUTORING CENTRES SYDNEY – Selecting the Right Centre for Your Kids

1) Consider location

If you are concerned about your child’s safety, then you should find a tutoring centre that is closer to home. It should be accessible to both private and public transport. However, it should not be located near very busy streets or roads, which can cause considerable traffic noise that can be distracting during classes.

2) Consider cost

A major consideration in your selection of tutoring centres Sydney-based companies is the cost of their services. Check out the prices of tutoring packages and compare them with other companies. Also look into added perks. Some companies offer free assessments prior to enrolling your child. There may also be discounts on sibling or group rates and money back guarantees on the first lesson if you or your child are not satisfied with the services being provided.

3) Flexible schedules

Check if the tutoring centre offers flexible schedules. Even if your child is unable to attend a session at the usual time, he/she can still get tutoring at a different slot. Ask if they have sessions in the early mornings, after-school, or in the early evening. You can also inquire if they offer weekend tutoring.

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4) Tutor credentials

In your search for a tutoring centre, make it a point to ask about their tutoring staff. Inquire about their education and teaching backgrounds. Tutors should be patient, compassionate, and highly motivated at their jobs of teaching your kids. You should also ask if it is possible to switch tutors in case your child becomes dissatisfied with the tutor that is assigned to him/her.

5) Individual or Group Tutoring

Most centres offer tutoring for small groups of kids, usually numbering three to five per class. However, there may be cases wherein your child may require individual learning. Ask if the centre provides individual tutoring sessions for more difficult topics.

6) Online tutoring

Many tutoring centres already have in place online platforms which will allow for teaching and learning to take place right in the comfort of the home. The only thing needed is to download Skype, Zoom, or other meeting/teleconferencing apps on your computer and your child is ready to receive instruction from their tutor. In addition, tutoring centres boast an extensive digital library so that kids can get references and other resource materials that can aid them further in their studies.  

All of the above characteristics of good tutoring centres Sydney-based companies can be found in Growth Academy. Learn more about the services that we are offering by booking a free assessment for your child today!

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