Tutoring English Sydney

Tutoring English Sydney

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Our tutors explain things clearly – even the hard stuff.

It is ironic that, for an English-speaking country like Australia, there are kids who are having problems with their English subject. Not surprisingly, part of the difficulties stem from the contradicting rules for grammar and spelling (including the spelling differences between UK/Australian and American English). Then, you have problems with reading comprehension, including difficulty in analysing texts, understanding context, and appreciating cultural perspectives.

Any child or teen who is struggling with their English needs to be backed in their studies by good tutors from a tutoring English Sydney center. In this regard, Growth Academy is your solution to great supplemental English education.


Our Prime Location

Every parent wants their kids enrolled in an accessible tutoring center. Growth Academy is located in the suburbs of Prestons, ideal for parents who work in the Sydney Central Business District and Inner West Sydney and want to check up on their kids. For independent children and teens who prefer commuting, our center is just a short four-minute walk from the nearest bus stop.

Smaller Class Sizes Means Individualised and Customised Instruction

Our tutoring English Sydney center ensures that our class sizes are kept small, consisting of five to six students, but not exceeding ten. We want our tutors to be able to provide individualised and customised instruction to kids with specific difficulties. It is our belief that addressing these problem areas early can lead to significant improvements in English reading/comprehension, writing, and speaking.

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Best Tutors in Sydney

Exceptional Tutors

Growth Academy’s greatest pride is our team of professional, skilled tutors. They are not just qualified to teach a single grade of English; they are capable of teaching the subject at all levels. If a single child is struggling with a particular lesson, the tutor will not advance the entire class until everyone has fully grasped the rules and concepts needed to be learned. On the other hand, they will not hold back a class that wants to learn higher English levels, especially if they are ready for it. That’s why, rather than switch tutors, their current tutor can teach the next, advanced levels.

You can also expect our tutors to be professional at all times. They will not abandon your child and run off with your money, as other private tutors and tutoring centers have done. They will also not shout or cuss at your child. What they will provide is patience and gentle correction of common English language errors.

Great Savings

Understanding that good education need not be too expensive, Growth Academy offers study packages that can fit your budget. If your other kids are also struggling with their English subject, you can enroll them with us and avail of our sibling discount. Because we are confident in our tutors’ skills to teach your child English, including the hard parts of the language, we also offer a full money back guarantee on the first lesson if you or your child are not satisfied.

To learn more about Growth Academy, you can book an assessment with our tutoring English Sydney center today! 

We are the tutoring English Sydney based centre you need!

Growth Academy gives students the instruction and support they need in a stress-free environment conducive to learning. Send your child to a centre that puts the student first. Help your child gain a step ahead.

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