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You may have heard these words from successful people – “If you love what you do, the greater will be your chances for success in life.” These words reflect the success story of tutoring maths Sydney-based center, Growth Academy.

Maths being the difficult and challenging subject that it is, one would think that a tutor can get tired of teaching it all the time. But this is not the case with our tutors. After more than ten years in the business, our tutors remain loyal to their creed and, more so, to the young minds they are shaping.

Do you know why Growth Academy’s math tutors love what they do?

TUTORING MATHS SYDNEY – Why Growth Academy Tutors Love What They Do

A Not-So-Stressful Daily Academic Grind

Before joining us at our tutoring maths Sydney-based center, our tutors have experienced the daily grind of teaching in regular schools. They are constantly under stress because they need to rush through a tightly scheduled syllabus. This is detrimental to their students whose maths foundation is already shaky. Unfortunately, the large number of students per class does not enable them to provide individual assistance to those who are struggling. It’s no surprise, therefore, that they suffer from burnout due to the stress and frustration.

But when they made the career switch to tutoring, they can go through the study plan without the rush because they are following the student’s pace. They are also able to assist each student in their difficulties due to the smaller class size. The result is less stress, better quality of teaching.

They love the growing interaction with their students.

During the first lesson, our tutors always sense some distance, even fear from our students, which is probably due to unpleasant experiences in their regular classes. In the next hour or two, they coax the students out of their shells through patience and encouraging words. If the student is shy, the tutor approaches them directly and checks their work right at their desk. After just a few days of tutoring sessions, the students eagerly raise their hands when asked if any of them wants to solve the math problem on the white board. Our tutors also note that their students are using maths words, like denominator, radical, exponent, etc., with greater understanding and confidence.

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They love being surprised by their students.

If our tutors enjoy the growing interactions with their students, they love it even more if these same students surprise them academically in class. In regular classes, kids are made to believe that the only right answer is the one printed on a textbook. However, on several occasions in our tutoring sessions, students have surprised their tutors by solving math problems in ways outside of the textbook.

These little surprises not only show just how far the student has come with learning the subject matter. They have developed analytical minds, so that they can come up with solutions using other concepts learned in the tutoring sessions.

Our students’ academic success is our tutors’ as well.

Nothing makes our tutors happier than to hear about their students’ success stories. Whether it’s acing a regular test in school or the challenging HSC exams, our tutors know that they have done a fantastic job of helping our students develop mastery and love for maths.

Entrust your child’s education to a tutoring maths Sydney-based company that loves what they do. Book your child for an assessment with Growth Academy today.

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