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Every student is sure to encounter difficulties in certain subjects at one point of their schooling or another. Unfortunately, these kids are not able to get the help they need in their regular schools. Because of the strict schedule in the school syllabus, teachers are forced to cover a large number of topics in a year’s time, so that there is a tendency for them to just breeze through their study plans. In addition, the large class sizes makes it difficult for them to provide individualised instruction to struggling students. The result is that these kids are left further behind in their studies, so that they are either just given a passing mark or end up reading the grade entirely.

For parents of these kids, they consider tutoring Sydney NSW options to supplement the education that they are getting in schools. The question that begs to be asked is: What type of tutoring do you want to give your child?

Let’s take a look at the three types of tutoring that are available to your kids.

TUTORING SYDNEY NSW – The Three Types of Tutoring

Private Tutoring

Of the three types of tutoring, private tutoring is arguably the most expensive. Here, you hire a private tutor who will go to your home and teach your child for an hour or more, depending upon his/her education needs. With private tutors, you need to be more thorough in checking their credentials and tutoring experience by directly inquiring with references or the parents of other kids they have tutored. 

While the biggest advantage of a private tutor is that your child will be given the undivided attention and instruction they need in their studies, the cost can be prohibitive. On average, the cost of private tutoring is between $30 and $80 an hour, but can go as high as $200 an hour, especially if the tutor is an expert in the subject.

Online Tutoring 

Over the years, online tutoring has become a popular tutoring Sydney NSW option for parents. Rather than go to the child’s house, online tutors have been making themselves available to their students through email, chat, or teleconferencing apps such as Skype or Zoom. Even if a child is confined to the home because of illness or other circumstances, tutors can now make the most of Information Technology and available devices to ensure that their students can not only catch up with lessons they had missed, but also move ahead to future topics. However, the effectiveness of online tutoring can be hampered by poor Internet connectivity.

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Tutoring Center

For parents who are observing a tight budget but still want their kids to catch up in class, enrolling them in a tutoring center is the best option. 

During an assessment, tutors discuss the child’s weak areas with the parents and thus come up with a study plan that is customised to his/her needs. Tutoring centers ensure that each session consists of five children at the most.With the smaller class size, tutors are able to address each child’s problem directly. They do not move on to the next topic until everyone has mastered the subject matter at hand. Needless to say, your child gets individualised and personalised instruction.

Best of all, tutoring centers offer study plans at affordable packages. Other perks include sibling discounts and full money back guarantees on the first lesson if you or your child are not happy with the teaching being provided.

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