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When it comes to tutoring Sydney parents and students believe that it is only for kids who are struggling in their classes. A child or teenager who has a tutor is most likely in danger of failing in Maths, English, or other difficult subjects.

However, as we at Growth Academy have discovered, tutoring is not just for kids who are having problems in their academics. Let us take a look at the other reasons why parents and their children decide to avail of tutoring services.



TUTORING SYDNEY – Making the Grade

1) Improve their grades

Many kids opt to get the services of a tutor because they want to improve their grades. For them, a passing score is not enough. If they want to get a better chance of getting into a college of their choice, they need to have higher grades. Outside teaching from a tutoring Sydney-based center is the best way to achieve this goal.

2) They are not happy with the education they are getting in regular classrooms

Parents and their kids may not be happy with the kind of instruction that they are getting in school. Let’s face it. School teachers need to get through a certain number of topics as stated in a syllabus. They won’t have the time for individualised instruction. To meet a tight school schedule, they often breeze through the syllabus.

In some cases, a child may not want to go to school at all because they are afraid of a strict, bullying teacher. These kids fail not through any fault of their own, but because they do not meet the high expectations of an overbearing teacher.

Tutoring ensures that the child gets the individualised and customised education that he/she needs. In addition, tutors are experienced academicians who conduct themselves with professionalism. Even if a child is struggling, they will never lose their cool.

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3) Build confidence and self-esteem

Kids who have experienced difficulties in class, including bullying from a strict teacher, will most likely have self-esteem issues. Tutoring will not only enable them to catch up with their classes. Tutors can help children build up their confidence and self-esteem, especially during recitations and other classroom activities wherein they are often exposed to criticisms.

4) Want to get ahead in class

If there are kids who struggle in class, there are also those overachievers who feel that the pace of teaching in the classroom is too slow for them. A tutor can help them to progress even further in their studies, thus making them better prepared for future lessons and examinations in regular classroom settings.

5) Develop better study habits

Some kids are not happy with their study habits. Perhaps they are too easily distracted by friends and social media. Maybe they get easily tired while studying, but later find themselves having sleeping difficulties. Tutors can teach them techniques that will help them to maintain focus during the hours that they are supposed to be studying. They can also recommend adjustments in their schedules, so that they are able to study when they are most alert.

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