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Whenever we, at Growth Academy, meet with parents who want to enrol their children for tutoring, a question that is often asked of us is why do we love being mere tutors in Sydney? Isn’t being a teacher in a regular school a more rewarding profession?

We have given careful thought about these questions. After all, there shouldn’t really be a difference between teaching in a regular school and tutoring, simply because, in both, we teach kids and shape their young minds for a hopefully brighter future ahead of them.

So, here are our reasons why we love being tutors in Sydney.

GROWTH ACADEMY – Why We Love Being Tutors in Sydney

1) Sydney is a beautiful, multicultural city.

Let’s start with the most obvious. We love the city of Sydney! Sydney is such a clean and beautiful city with amazing sights that we could see on a daily basis. We also love the fact that it is a multicultural city, so that we are exposed to people, and especially children, from different nationalities and cultures. Needless to say, Sydney and its people are learning experiences for us.

2) Tutoring gives us flexibility.

Many of our tutors have had experience in teaching in regular schools. The one thing they don’t like is the rigid schedule and curriculum that they have to observe. Even if they want to devote more time to students who are struggling with their lessons, they are forced to advance to the next subject matter. Because of the large number of students, they cannot attend to the needs of every single one.

Tutoring gives us the flexibility that we cannot get in a regular school curriculum. We work at the learning pace of our kids. We make sure that no one is left behind. If a student needs more help outside of class, we can teach them online.

3) There is less stress.

Because of the flexible schedules and the smaller class load, tutoring is considerably less stressful than compared to teaching in a regular classroom.

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4) Tutoring enables us to motivate students.

Teaching, in general, serves to motivate students to excel in their studies. However, as tutors in Sydney, we don’t just provide motivation in education alone. We want to see our students excel in any undertaking they choose to do. Such motivation can be seen especially in our STEAM classes, in partnership with Snapology. You can see their drive to utilise what they have learned in our tutoring sessions in science projects, including robotics. Our High School students are equally motivated to pursue the more difficult HSC exams in order to get a higher ATAR ranking.

5) A students’ success is our success.

While your child or teenager is under our guidance, we derive great joy from their successes, both big and small. Nothing warms our hearts more than to see the smile of a child after he/she had solved a difficult Maths equation in class or eloquently explained a poem he/she had read for English. Our hearts swell with even greater pride when our students not only pass the HSC exams, but also attain a high ATAR ranking.

These are the joys of the Growth Academy’s tutors in Sydney. Let your kids experience our passion and dedication to our tutoring craft when you book an assessment with us!

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