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Tutors are a unique breed of educators. Unlike their fellow teachers in regular schools, tutors serve their students by giving them the kind of individualised education that they could not get in a typical classroom setting. It is no wonder, therefore, that in their search for tutors Sydney students look for certain qualities which they could not find in their teachers in school.

What are the qualities in tutors Sydney students love? Let us count the ways!


GROWTH ACADEMY – Tutors Sydney Students Love

1) Tutors know “how” to teach.

Let’s face it. Every student wants a teacher who knows how to teach. This somewhat vague statement is based on their experiences with teachers in the classroom. Students who don’t do well in their subjects complain that their teachers are “going through the lesson too fast”, “just reading through the textbook”, “boring to listen to”, or “bullies who demand that you know the lesson even if you don’t understand it.”

Sure, teachers may have the impeccable credentials for teaching. But when it comes to actual practice, they fall short in the classroom, and it’s the students who suffer for it.

Because of their more personal approach to teaching, tutors know how to engage a student in a lesson. They won’t move to the next topic until every student in the group has mastered the concepts therein. They also value classroom interaction, answering any questions you may have and clarifying matters that you don’t understand.

2) Tutors are passionate and motivated at what they do.

Ask any student who is undergoing tutoring and they will tell you just how passionate and brimming with enthusiasm their tutors are. No lesson is difficult for them. No problematic Maths equation is too hard to solve. They will teach you with utmost patience, kindness, and drive. They don’t need to bully their students to learn. Their passion for education is infectious!

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3) Tutors can explain the hard stuff.

Tutors can explain even the most difficult topics clearly and in a way that the student can understand. A great thing about tutors is that they don’t just stick to textbook answers. They can teach you techniques to solve Maths problems differently and faster and analyse English texts so that you get to the theme and underlying message easily.

4) Tutors are the best examples of humility.

Tutors are humble individuals. They don’t exude an air of sternness. Neither are they unapproachable as some school teachers are. No matter the age of the student, tutors will always accord them with the respect they deserve. They are slow to anger, so they will not shout or scold a student if they make a mistake. Tutors are also honest enough to admit if they don’t know something, but will make it a point to learn about it so that it can be discussed in the next lesson.

5) Tutors are more empathetic.

While regular school teachers are more concerned about breezing through a syllabus than dealing with a student’s problems, tutors are more empathetic. They know that some students may not just be having academic problems; there may be personal problems that are disrupting their studies. In these cases, the tutor can increase his/her involvement in the student’s life, thus providing valuable support.

If you are looking for tutors Sydney students need look no further than Growth Academy. Our tutors possess the qualities that you desire in an educator. Book an assessment with us today so that you can know what our tutors can do for you!

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