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year 12 english tutors sydney

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Every Year 12 student knows what lies ahead of them – the HSC exams. This year is a period of tremendous stress and dread for students. Not only do they still have much to learn in this final year, they also need to review the lessons and knowledge they have learned in the past years, which is quite a lot! Unfortunately, the HSC English exams do not only demand knowledge of the basics; they also require demonstration of proficiency in reading comprehension, critical analysis, and academic writing.

If you are in this kind of situation, you need to manage your current schoolwork and do reviews for the HSC English exams at the same time. To do this, you will need the assistance of a Year 12 English tutors Sydney-based tutoring center, like Growth Academy.

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A Year 12 student has the choice of taking any of the following HSC English Exams: English Standard, English Advanced, and English Studies. You can also choose English Extension 1 or English Extension 2, as long as you take the English Advanced course and exam first.

Our Year 12 English tutors Sydney-based tutoring center is fully equipped with both the tutoring staff and the reference materials to help you, no matter what HSC English Exam you choose to take.

Our tutors will first determine what your weak areas in the subject are. They will then develop study plans that will address these weak points. Take note, that if you have a shaky foundation in English, our tutors can do a complete and thorough review of the basics. Because of their excellent communication skills and mastery over the language, they can simplify even the hard stuff, so that you can fully grasp the lessons that you need to learn.

Knowing that there is a tendency for you to lapse into informal speech outside the classroom out of habit, our tutors will correct any grammar or other mistakes that you make during tutoring sessions. The more you become conscious of these, the greater will be your effort to prevent committing them, not only in the classroom, but also during the HSC exams.

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Writing Assessments

Don’t expect any multiple-choice questions in the HSC English exams. Instead, you will be writing a lot of essays in answer to questions about the assigned texts for the year’s exams. For example, one of the questions in the 2019 HSC English Standard exams pertains to George Orwell’s 1984: “To what extent does the exploration of human experience in Nineteen Eighty-Four invite you to reconsider your understanding of loneliness?

Our tutors prepare you for questions like these by teaching you techniques by which you can do a critical analysis of any text that is presented in the exam. Because we also have the list of assigned texts for the HSC English exams, they are discussed in class and you are given practice essays to write. Each essay will be given a thorough assessment, with the comments and advice given you can use for when you take the actual exam. We also have creative writing workshops and assessments for those who will be taking the English Extension 2 exam.

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